Using a Raspberry Pi as a media centre/streamer


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Jul 12, 2017
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I was thinking of getting a Raspberry Pi and use it as a NAS+media server/streamer.
I have a Nvidia Shield connected to my TV and am wondering where or if the Raspberry Pi would fit in the setup. I want to keep the Shield since I have Netflix, Prime, etc. already setup on it.

The thought was Pi would hook up to my DAC through USB and connect my backup SSD to it so that I can use the Pi as a NAS and media server/streamer. But then it seems running the video from the Shield to the TV and the sound to the Pi would be complicating things too much.

I am wondering if I should just connect the SSD to Shield and hook up the Shield to the DAC. Then I can use Plex and even control things through apps on mobile.

Or should I switch to the Pi as a replacement for the Shield.

Looking for throughts and advice.