Help needed only getting Dolby Digital not DD+


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Oct 12, 2023
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My setup:
Yamaha rx-v373 + 75 Skyworth LED
Running HDMI ARC to the TV whole setup works with one remote.

My problem:
I mainly use plex and YouTube with the build in android on the Skyworth, I can only get DD working and not anything more like DD+,
before I had a nVidia shield and had no problems getting DD+, DTHD, DTS-MA going, but it was not connected with arc, I also used a hdmi hdcp splitter to avoid problems with drm content (netflix mainly), But I had to use 3 remotes and dont want to go back that setup. So when I play a movie in plex or youtube, DD+ will work one time flawlessly but as soon as you chose another show, or pause, the AVR will show -Decoder Off- and the same content will not work again.

What I tried:
- Different HDMI cables (Using a 48gbps one at the moment)
- All the settings on the tv for audio, All the settings on the android app on the tv under audio, this includes, passthrough on and off, PCM, auto
- Passthrough setting in Plex (HDMI and off, SPDIF will obviously only give dd)
- my TV does not have eARC as far as I know so DDTHD and DTS-MA will be out, but I am fine with that, did not watch allot of content with that anyway.
- If I change the audio input on the AVR from audio 1 to 2 and back to 1 it will work again, until I pause or change show.

What I think it is:
The AVR is very old, So I think its most likely that it has a problem with ARC, but I am not 100% sure, but the DD+ that's randomly working is causing confusion.

Any ideas or tips will really be appreciated. Or if anyone with a Skyworth sud9350f or any other TV can confirm that DD+ is working with ARC (Plex or YouTube).

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