New streamer from Denafrips, the makers of the ARES DAC


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Dec 24, 2008
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This sounds a very promising product, and should land in SA for under R20 000,00

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Vinshine Audio is thrilled to introduce the inaugural DENAFRIPS ARCE Streamer. Contrary to the English pronunciation, it takes inspiration from a Greek God's name. To say it in the Spanish way, pronounce it as [AA r - s eh].

Enjoy the exceptional audio experience it brings!

As a tribute to DENAFRIPS' 12 years of unparalleled digital audio expertise, the ARCE streamer has been crafted to prioritize sound quality above all else. This remarkable device supports roon Bridge (roon Ready pending), HQPlayer NAA, Airplay, and DLNA, catering to audiophiles seeking diverse playback options.

ARCE streamer's capabilities extend beyond its primary features. It offers seamless playback of local files through USB, SD card, and NAS, empowering users to enjoy their music library effortlessly.

What about other Streaming Services?

Currently, the DENAFRIPS engineering team is actively working on expanding the streaming service support for the ARCE streamer. They aim to include services like Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, and others in the future to enhance the streamer's functionality. However, as of now, these streaming services are not yet supported.

We want to be transparent and avoid raising false expectations regarding the availability of desired streaming services for the ARCE streamer. Nevertheless, if such services are ever introduced, the ARCE has the capability to receive firmware updates through the USB port, allowing for potential expansion of features in the future.

Stay tuned for updates as DENAFRIPS continues to improve and enrich the ARCE streamer's capabilities.

Why not adopt OEM Streamer Module or use a Pi?

The decision not to adopt a common streamer module from an OEM or even DIY-based Raspberry Pi stems was - DENAFRIPS commitment to delivering an unparalleled sound quality experience. By designing the ARCE streamer from the ground up, DENAFRIPS have the freedom to carefully select and customize components, ensuring optimal performance and audio fidelity. This meticulous approach allows us to create a streamer that aligns perfectly with our vision of exceptional sound reproduction, giving our loyal customers a unique and superior audio experience.

The trade-off is that the longer development time and the much needed continuous software improvement.

We can't have the cake and eat it, can we?

A unique Streamer Module - developed by DENAFRIPS engineer in-house - incorporating a Quad-Core AMR Cortex Processor, High Quality Crystal Oscillators, LT Fast Transient Response, Low Noise, and LDO Regulators.

Tailored Operating System (OS) optimized to deliver a euphoric sound experience. The FPGA chip of this product is filled with DENAFRIPS' extensive experience in Digital Signal Processing. Furthermore, the digital signals are safeguarded through Galvanic Isolation using Opto-Couplers. The ARCE streamer boasts an impressive anatomy, designed with meticulous attention to detail to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. Here are some key components of its architecture: Sturdy Anodized Aluminum Chassis: The streamer features a robust and durable anodized aluminum chassis, ensuring structural integrity and shielding against external interference.

Customized AC Mains Power Socket: DENAFRIPS' customized the AC mains power socket in-house using UPOCC gold-plated copper. This reflects their dedication to providing a high-quality power supply for superior sound performance. Sound Quality Focus: ARCE is purpose-built with sound quality as its primary focus, catering to audiophiles and music enthusiasts who prioritize exceptional audio reproduction.

Roon Bridge and HQPlayer NAA Support: The streamer is equipped to support roon Bridge (roon Ready pending) and HQPlayer NAA, enhancing its versatility and compatibility with various playback systems.

Airplay and DLNA Support: ARCE also extends support for Airplay and DLNA, enabling seamless streaming of audio content from compatible devices.

Local File Playback: Apart from network-based streaming, the streamer allows playback of local audio files from USB drives, SD cards, and network-attached storage (NAS).

Colour Options: ARCE is available in two stylish colour choices – silver and black, adding an aesthetic appeal to match various setups and personal preferences.

Compact Form Factor: The streamer is designed with a compact form factor, making it an excellent choice for those seeking space-saving solutions without compromising on audio quality.

Pursuit of Perfection: The engineering decisions, including the non-switched AC mains socket, UPOCC O-Core Transformer, indicate DENAFRIPS' relentless pursuit of perfection, pushing the ARCE closer to its ultimate audio performance.

Alvin says there is an Android app for managing music from a hard drive


Read more specs here: ARCE | Denafrips
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