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Oct 8, 2013
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Holo Audio has made a name for itself over the past few years with excellent products, starting with the Dacs and, after that, the Serene pre-amp. Customers who bought these products seem very satisfied with the Holo range. I also have been impressed with the sound of Holo. It is comforting that both the objectivists that rely on measurements to inform their views and decision and the subjective enthusiast who want to sit and listen and knows what sounds musical to them have embraced the work of Jeff Zue.

The one question often asked was, what about a streamer?

The Holo Audio Red was launched late last year, and I ordered a unit at the start of 2023. There is currently a worldwide waiting period of +/- 6 weeks based on the initial reception of the streamer. As usual, the unit arrived spot on the estimated date from the factory without any hassles, as I have come to experience working with Holo.

Here are the customary unpacking pics.

IMG_6372 2.jpeg

IMG_6373 2.jpeg

In this thread, I will share my initial experience and impressions of the unit, and in time I am sure that others who also get an opportunity to listen to it will add their views.

Maybe a preface about the "Red" ;) . It only comes in one colour, and as to the decision to call it Holo Red, I initially had my doubts but in real life, it is a thing of beauty. The pics don't do justice to how special the red colour is, and the almost petite size of the unit makes it a hit in my eyes. It looks stunning and for perspective, here is it relative to my MiniMac and May KTE. As you might notice, I have it connected through I2S, USB, Spdif and optical to the Dac.

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