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Re: 1953 Colchester Student Mk1 6" gap bed - A restoration project
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The last two days was spent shopping. Online that is. OK, I also did some physical shopping and managed to get hold of the blue painter's tape. Not 3M ... I will see how good this version is ...

The big shopping adventure was finding a new compressor. My existing one has served me well for the past years. However I need something that can produce an almost constant flow of air for at least an hour at a time.

With a duty cycle of 50% a piston compressor simply cannot meet this demand.

Hours and hours later, I decided on this company ...

Mattei is an ancient compressor company and they make good quality equipment. Especially when it comes to low RPM rotary vane compressors.

Putting feelers out, I ended up having a very nice discussion with Cindy of Rotorvane, the South African distributor of Mattei compressors.

You guessed right! After reading a bit through this restoration thread they kindly offered to sponsor quite a bit on the cost of a new compressor!  :Whoohoo: :Whoohoo: :2thumbs:

After carefully looking at my savings, I placed an order for the BLADE S 2 200l unit!

The duty cycle is more than 90% with an equivalent piston compressor air flow rate of almost 13 CFM. Not something to smirk at!

Next step is doing the waiting game! Six weeks of it ... something needs to be delivered from Italy ...  :rubhands:

If you are in the market for a compressor, get in touch with Cindy. Excellent service!

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