Please help: solar not decreasing eskom bill


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Oct 19, 2012
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Hi forumites

I have a small big ask:
Can any expert please come visit (Randburg) & assist with checking the set-up of my mother's Sunsynk (5kW) and solar PV (8 panels)?

As a frugal one person household, the Eskom bill is ~R2400pm (comparably, as a two person household we spend R600pm).
Installing the PV was done using my late father's life insurance, with the aim being to add value to the house, and to keep my mother's monthly costs in line with her modest rental income.
There has however been no decrease in the Eskom bill since the PV installation.
We are at our wits end, and she is fretting a lot about the excessive cost.

The geyser is on vacuum tube solar.
The stove, pool pump & geyser are on nonessential.
During peak sunshine, and if Eskom is off, the pool & stove do not run.
However, I have gathered that with a Sunsynk, powering non-essentials off the PV panels (not batteries) at peak sunshine, should be possible.
The electricity meter is an old analogue one (and even after correcting for CoJ estimate errors, the monthly reading remains high).

The installer is little help, and has been repeatedly dismissive.
I have however confirmed that a CT coil is installed.
Moreover, having paid other 'experts at sorting out your Eskom bill woes' has led nowhere, except distrust - hence my appeal here.

Further than this info, I am well out of my depth.
To whomever can assist us in this 2yr long battle, I would like to offer a bottle of whisky/case of beer - in consideration for tracking down the issue.
We could really use a patient expert's on-site assistance to isolate the issue.

Much thanks!