Inverter blending power is upsetting the Smeg Hob


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Feb 16, 2019
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South Africa
Can I trouble you for some advice please:

I just had an Installation of Sunsynk Single-Phase 5.5kW Hybrid Inverter and a Sunsynk Sun-Batt 5.32 done.

All the essentials were connected to the Sunsynk and the following items were left connected to Eskom Power:

Smeg Induction Hob (4 months old), Oven Geysers, Swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Issue: Once the Sunsynk system is powered up, the Smeg Induction Hob, switches on, but does not work further – no zones can be selected, and the automatic pan selection does not work.
When the inverter input is switched off, the Smeg Hob works perfectly.
Also, if the system is switched over to battery only, Hob also works seamlessly.
All connections, cabling etc have been checked, even the power supply to the Hob – this boils a kettle perfectly.
It seems that there is a frequency interference once the Sunsynk is powered up, even though the Hob works with Eskom and is NOT part of the Essentials connected to the Sunsynk.
The installation company’s engineer has suggested that the issue lies with the inverter’s frequency.

He suggested we install an EMI filter.

The Hob never runs from the inverter output, it seems to be merely the presence of the inverter via its AC input connection that is spooking the hob's electronics.

All we can think of is that pulses from the inverter blending power are upsetting the hob, so that indeed an EMI filter near the hob's AC connection might help.

Is this correct? What Filter would you recommend and where would you install – inline at source or just at the Hob?

Your opinion and advice will be greatly appreciated greatly.