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Oct 12, 2023
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Some background, I am new to audio, My current setup, Yamaha rx-v373 with Yamaha ns-p20 5.1, I am happy with this setup, but I am looking for some floor standers for looks mainly but don't want to downgrade from what I have (I currently have my left and right front, wall mounted, pretty wide from the 75".

So, my question, I am looking for something 2nd hand with a name, either full 5.0 (keeping my sub) or maybe 2 floor standers and a new centre and let the Yamamah's ns-p20 do the sides, but in my search, I got an ad for this, will def not buy this but what will the difference between this be and some Jamo's (s416) from FB marketplace?

I am an audio noob, my budget is about sub R4k, will the jamo's be an upgrade from what I have? This will mainly be for Movies.