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FS- Multiple items/Combo Items Eversolo Products now available @ Lumous Audio


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Lumous Audio
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Nov 14, 2014
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We're really happy to announce that Lumous Audio will be making the Eversolo product line available to SA audio enthusiasts!

Eversolo has been making a name for themselves by producing very high quality devices with superb performance at a attractive price point. The value proposition is really good.

We have limited stock coming in soon of their main products and we'll be offering these at an introductory price to the forum, only while these stocks last. So a big win for the early adopters!

First up we have the DMP-A6 (Best High Resolution DAC-EverSolo,EverSolo Best High Resolution)


We'll offer the DMP-A6 at the introductory price of R18999.

This is a streamer/dac/pre-amp/music server! It's been getting some great reviews due to its superb streamer and fantastic build. This is the higher spec master edition version and has the following upgrades on the standard version:


Have look at this review of the DMP-A6:

Next up is Z8 DAC/pre-amp/headphone amp (Eversolo ,DAC-Z6 High Fidelity DAC ,Hi-Fi DAC,DAC-Z6)

This DAC has been getting rave reviews and it appears that it punches way above it's price point.


We'll offer the Z8 at the introductory price of R13999.

Have a look at this review of the Z8:

Finally we have the Z6 DAC/pre amp/headphone amp (Eversolo ,DAC-Z6 High Fidelity DAC ,Hi-Fi DAC,DAC-Z6)

This is the entry level offering from Eversolo and offers a great entry point to world of digital music and head-fi.


We'll offer the Z6 at the introductory price of R 8999.

Have a look at this review of the Z6:

We're really excited to get these Eversolo products out to market, and we think that there will be some very happy owners soon.

Please drop us a message if you would like to secure either of these pieces at the introductory price.

The Lumous Audio Team


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