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Need some advice on value of arm and table.
« on: October 31, 2020, 08:37:46 PM »
Hi guys,

My dad is clearing out kit and he has the following that we need to get rid of. I am struggling to get an idea of what these would be worth.

SME Series III S:

and a Thorens 160 with a Rega RB300 arm on it (not sure the model at this time)

Some guidance on what I should be asking for this would be amazing. I know very little about the older tech! :)

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Re: Need some advice on value of arm and table.
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2020, 08:59:20 AM »
That SME is quite valuable, more so than the TD160 (as shown).

These are rough estimates (always keep in mind that the local market are not quite paying what you see on eBay).

Depending on the condition and tonearm, a TD160 can fetch in the region of R5,000 - R7,500. From what I can see, your dad (or the previous owner) has modified the face plate to fit the Rega arm, that will unfortunately have a negative impact on the price.

The SME looks very clean (perhaps hardly used?) - easily R7,500 - R10,000 (also depending on whether it has a cartridge or not)

It would be interesting to see what other estimates you get.
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Re: Need some advice on value of arm and table.
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2020, 04:50:02 PM »
Not this TD160, later one (mk2). This one was the first generation after the TD150, aimed at home-user.
Later TD160 mk2 was much improved cosmetically, functionally and better built and aimed at a pro-user.

IMHO, this TD160 should be in 3.5k - 4.5k bracket with TP16 (mk1) arm that was originally featured on it.

With RB300... I'd say 6.5 - 7k max if both TT and arm are absolutely perfect.
Keep in mind that this is coming very close to what one would pay (9.5k) for a perfect TD125 rebuilt into a hardwood plinth with new lid, serviced, recapped, guaranteed, with perfect SME 3009s2 on it... or a late 70s pre-Valhalla Linn LP12 in fluted Afromosia hardwood plinth, with Linn Basik or SME 3009s2 arm, also serviced & guaranteed...

IMHO, both are far better choice than a TD160mk1 with SME3009s2.

As far as SME3009s3 S,
- "S" is a limited functionality model, introduced after the full function 3009s3 to make it easier on the pocket. No lateral mass balance screw for example, something that is available on all other SME arms by shifting the position of rider weight laterally.
- s3 is not as popular nor universally admired as S2 is.

It's a tougher choice for a few reasons.
- headshell is not removable as on S2 and replaceable titanium wands are expensive as hell.
- Plastic headshell is very fragile
- plastic/Alu coupler on the arm stub is also very fragile.
- additional lead inserts for counterweight are scarce. Alternative inserts can be made though.
- s3 is only good for high compliance styli if you don't have the optional damping trough. Or add mass to the headshell which is rather ridiculous.

So, while its collectable eBay value may be higher than s2, its use value is arguably lower.
Having said that, I noticed that actuall selling values for SME in SA have gone up quite a bit so your estimate might be in the ballpark.
My thumbsuck, given that 3009s2 sold recently for 5k, this one should be no more than that. Full spec 3009s3 perhaps 6k.
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Re: Need some advice on value of arm and table.
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2020, 05:09:27 PM »
Hi All,

I very much appreciate all the feedback. I definitely did not expect these units to be worth this much. I know very little about the turntable and arms.

If I did not check and ask I would have put the arm for sale for R1000! :ROFLMAO:

The aim here is not to find the absolute maximum amount we can get for it. At this point, it is kind of an unexpected bonus. And if my dad can get some money for it and it goes to someone that will appreciate it then that makes me happy!