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Aug 10, 2013
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Going Forward Stereo Direct will be the official reseller for all Wiim Products.

Wiim is growing from strength to strength and so is Stereo Direct so it makes for a great partnership going forward. The new Wiim Pro Plus has been a huge hit and stock has been flying out the door faster than I ever expected, the new batch is ordered and should be here soon.

Please keep a lookout for the latest updates, so far there is some exciting news coming from Wiim regarding a new Amp/Streamer based on the new Pro Plus:


And then the big one which will only be late next year is the Wiim Ultra, no official announcement has been made yet but word is that it will have the USB output everyone has been asking for and a Touch Screen..

Will keep all posted as news comes out.

Thanks for all the support from those that have bought from Stereo Direct or myself so far.

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