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Jan 11, 2016
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We can assist with the importation of items from a wide range of international locations, especially items that sellers will not ship to SA. We also offer local and export courier options.

Exclusive use of courier services so packages arrive faster and more reliably than normal post delivery with detailed tracking via our online dashboard. To your door anywhere in South Africa.

All courier fees, clearance fees and duties are included upfront so no extra charges to worry about or surprises. Secure online payments via Netcash and we accept Credit Cards, EFT, OZOW Instant EFT and more.

We also have a quick estimate functionality that can be used to automatically calculate the cost of an import yourself before submitting to confirm. All quotes and estimations provide a complete breakdown of the costings involved showing the purchase price to the seller (this may include local delivery fees and sales tax), courier cost, customs charges and our service fee.

Air and sea freight are also available for bulk imports.

Please contact for a quote on anything you may be interested in.

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