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May 17, 2006
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From Marantz123's original post:


There are probably a few hundred stray hand-held remote controls lying around in garages, draws and in boxes amongst our forumites. These RCs lay forgotten, eventually unknown, and end up becoming more ...remote...seen occasionally on a clean-up day or during a search for something else...and the cycle continues.

This may result in equipment being moved on without their RCs, and the subsequent hunt for a replacement RC.

Would it be beneficial to have a special place for stray RCs to exist..a virtual location on this forum where we place a comment which contains the brand/model of the RC and if known,  the item that it controls ?

This would not be a "for-sale" section, and certainly not a place for a "wanted"  RC advert.  An item will be mentioned without any pricing..simply a virtual repository where stray RCs are recorded as you come across them in your stash. Following this, a forumite in search of an RC would perform a global search and hopefully their search criteria matches something in the RC section. The forumite then contacts the holder of the remote control to discuss availability, pricing/shipping which is handled via PM.


SO... post away and should you require that missing remote control, post an ad in the Classifieds "Wanted" section.