Klipsch Fives Sevens and Nines


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Aug 21, 2017
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Has anyone tried or own 2 pairs of these or upgraded?

I have the Fives for my PC, I think the HDMI arc / ease of use and sound quality is awesome.
I see the sevens and nines are out, I have seen reviews and even 1 gent said the sevens are better than the nines.
I am just curious if anyone has the sevens or nines, feedback, opinions, or even better compared them to the fives.

My pc setup is not really nearfield, more 2nd movie setup for when the power is out on a battery.
So no need to say how overkill it is :)

I saw the sonos 300 and I wish the nakamichi dragon was available here. But alas. The reason I was looking at these is they seem similar in ease of use and cheaper than the kefs