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Ingvar Ahlberg

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Jan 16, 2014
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The Swedish westcoast
So, as I'm a quite lousy guitarplayer i didn't fit in the bands my friends started in the mid 70:s
My job was to build the speakers and the guitaramps, still do. But i do that only because Music
is one of the most important things in my Life, it started with Wine women and Music, since  I'm
married  for 25 years the women got changed to wife, which leaves a lot of time for the Music, wine
i compatible with all activities, this will be a long and Winding road through some of my favourite discs.

This maybee should be posted somewhere else but i don't want to bee seen  in the  Company of
CD/DVD and such stuff, if posted in the wrong Place, please,  moderators,  put this where it should

I'm here to ramble on about records that are important to me, 99,678% will be on vinyl, some
You all know, some pretty obscure, You will see that there are a few hundred records that
i Think are  "the best record ever made", it actually is, at that moment when You listen to

Starting with one of the great producers, T-Bone Burnett, once member of Dylans  "Rolling
thunder revue", his record from 1986, named T-Bone Burnett, absolutely fabulous acoustic
rock?n roll, he did not produce himself, Billy Swan (I can Help) did! get this record and
play it loud, extremely well recorded and an upright bass that is astonishing.