Anyone mind helping understanding a borderline ancient AV receiver?


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Nov 28, 2022
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I'm wondering how to set up something along the lines of ARC/CEC on a Sony STR-K1500 so the tv can control power and the volume).

I inherited a Sony STR-K1500, of which I am naturally super sentimental so not really keen on replacing it.
I'm wondering how to set it up to be controlled from the TV (on/off and audio volume).

Some background, It has worked before, I just don't understand how....

I used to have an Xbox one, connected to an HDMI audio extractor, from there it used optical to go into the receiver and hdmi into my old tv.
I played around on the Xbox settings, and it managed to control the receiver via the xbox controller.
Whenever the xbox powered on/off, it would do the same on the receiver.
Same with volume control, if I changed the xbox volume it would change on the receiver.

Here is why I'm asking;

My setup used to be
xbox > hdmi audio extractor > (via optical) the receiver && (via hdmi) the tv

I have since sold the xbox, and recently bought a new tv.
My setup now is TV > (via optical) receiver
The TV does support arc and cec, but it doesn't look like the receiver does.

How can I get the same functionality to work again ?
I assume I can use TV > (via hdmi) > audio extractor > (via optical) receiver, but hoping I can skip the middleman and do it directly from the TV to the receiver.

The TV is 65" Z770K Series - Toshiba Australia
The receiver is Sony STR-K1500 specs, manual & images
The audio extractor I used to use is
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