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Dec 18, 2005
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Cape Town, South Africa
I have for a long time wanted to build a CNC router. It is a long-term project, as I don't have a budget for it right now. I have begun collecting parts and will continue to do so as opportunity permits. As I said: no budget, so this could take forever. However, a post I read today reminded me that there is always someone willing to help out and that it costs nothing to ask. My request: if you have any CNC parts gathering dust on your shelf that could possibly help take my project forward, talk to me. I am asking for parts donations and parts for sale at bargain prices.

What are my plans? A 3-axis CNC table with 1200mm x 600mm working limits. I might use the same platform to do 3D printing.

What do I have already? Not much.
(1) 4 off NEMA 23 (100) stepper motors
(2) 1 off 3-phase VFD (probably not of use to me, since I have single-phase mains)

What do I need?
(1) I probably should start with a drawing, but I am holding off, based on what parts become available.
(2) Everything else

You are welcome to PM me if you have anything to donate or sell.