AV / Stereo Surprises


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hi all,

I'm starting this threat to hear of similar experiences when using equipment in the the not so "traditional / conventional" manner which surprised or exceeded expectations.

I recently moved our TV from the front of our long and narrow rectangular room to the center of a side wall and left the wall mounted speakers as they were.

The speakers, front and surround identical satellites, are now on the side walls in the front and rear of the room.
I'm surprised at the stereo performance.  In the traditional setup, with the front speakers directed at the listening position, the fronts always sounded a bit thin in some frequencies in this narrow room setup. In the speakers's new positions to the listening position, the front and rear speakers are now much wider as they are near the rooms corners and sound is also reflected of the front and back walls into the room.

So for the first time i'm enjoying this sub / sat sound in stereo.