Apple TV 4k audio via TV optical out.


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May 21, 2014
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Hi all

I don't currently have a smart TV and don't really want to upgrade just to get a smart TV, I'll rather put that money towards my audio setup. For the amount of TV I watch, my old Samsung is still doing just fine.

I'm thinking of getting the new Apple TV 4k since I'm already deep in to the Apple ecosystem. I also think the latest Apple TV will be supported in terms of software updates, far longer in to the future than any smart TV bought today.

I'm waiting for stock of the WiiM Pro streamer which will be the front end of my stereo setup, and in future I'll also add a DAC to my setup, most probably a Ifi Zen One Signature.

As I see it the only way of getting audio from the Apple TV in to my stereo setup will be to go optical out from my TV in to the WiiM Pro and later maybe directly in to the DAC.

Does this make any sense and is anyone running a similar setup or is there a better way?