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Jan 8, 2008
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innie Kaap
I've long being deciding on a unified platform for media - Movies, TV series and music.

LMS and a suitable device to feed a DAC is great and the flexibilty and wide range of players and control apps made it tempting. Getting a squeeze player and XBMC/Kodi on one device to play nicely together is certainly doable but a pain, unless of course you download the SOA image on this forum. I, however didn't want the schlepp of having to hook up a Pi with the necessary wifi and SD cards and cases etc (That and 4K is a no no on the Pi), I deal with niggle every day at work and don't want to have to niggle with my media.

About a month ago I pulled the trigger on a MyGica ATV582 Android box to play around with and try out. Decent spec as well, Quad core ARM9, OctoCore ARM GPU which means it outputs 4K, so ready for when I eventually go UHD, 1GB RAM and 8GB flash storage, WIFI and RJ45, 2 X USB and a micro SD card slot. I reckon the ATV585 is my next purchase, it leaves out the 4K functionality at a reduced price, so this will likey do music streaming duty for my HP rig.

Not much niggle in it really, power on into Android Kit Kat and all the apps you need are there ready for your personalization. Kodi got the Fusion treatment after first trying out a few other community builds that were close-but-no-cigar for what I needed. Fusion sorted the necessary Video add ons and the default Kodi music library handles audio. Audio out was set to USB and streaming FLAC via a USB DAC is a doddle. With Yatse, streaming to a mobile device is a nifty perk as well. The entire device is controlled from your choice of smart phone or tablet. Connect to a NAS and scan the library and off you go. Hassle free and easy enough for even Andrew to configure but he went Mede8er  :roll:  :facepalm:

So anyone else wanting an easy to set up all-in-one streaming media solution should consider the Android over its Linux cousin

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