Synergy with same manufacturer components system? Just an Audio note / thought


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Oct 8, 2008
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Cape Town
Listened to a very nice system yesterday. Very balanced, clean and musical. Overall, an enjoyable musical experience listening to various music genre’s.

Udwadia has gone the route of a complete Audionote system. Complete in the sense of Audionote amplifier (with built in Dac), Audionote speakers and even Audionote speaker cables. The front end however consists of Aurender streamer, MSB CD transport. I am mindful of the fact that audio system’s performance has many dependent variables and parameters (room response, speaker positioning, good mains cables and connections, etc) but I feel there is something to be said for complete systems from one manufacturer. The components are designed, voiced and developed using equipment from the same stable so from the outset should work well together in theory. The amplifier and speakers seem to be a really good match n this case.

In Udwadia’s case the system is performance is great. Musical yet accurate with scale, weight and PRAT that belies the low wattage (28w/ch) of the amplifier. It has an effortless, relaxed presentation, and a good balance across the frequency band and just presents the music without coloration. Udwadia, I think you have a suitable system to supplement your other high-end, much bigger (physically and power output) system. Enjoy the Audionote system, it might become your main system over
time, who knows? Sorry about pic quality.

Audionote 2 .jpg

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