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FS- Multiple items/Combo Items M&K Home Cinema package - Demo system for sale.


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Morgan Irwin

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Jan 22, 2015
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Cape Town
It is time for me to upgrade the Mirror Edge Networks demonstration cinema.
Setup on the 6th of January 2023 for demonstration to 3 clients, this demonstration cinema in its current configuration has proven to be completely successful.
The clients that I have been able to demonstrate this cinema too have been able to understand the importance of speaker layout and locations, and are very happy with the systems we designed and delivered for them.... but it is now time to start the next phase of the demo cinema build journey.
Because of this, it is time to upgrade and thus, the current hardware needs to be sold to ensure progress:

Cinema Sales .jpg

The cinema room will become an M&K 950 series with V12+ subwoofers next, so the existing speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers need to find a new home.
The equipment available is as follows:
9 x M&K K50 LCR speakers (RRP R8,499.00 each)
3 x pairs M&K IC-95 speakers (RRP R13,999.00 per pair)
2 x M&K V10+ subwoofers (RRP R29 999.00 each)
Anthem MRX 1140 AVR (RRP R99 995.00)
Anthem MCA525 V1 amplifier (RRP R91 995.00)
Furman Elite 16 (RRP R44 290.00

As described above, this equipment is just over 3 months old, since it was installed in January, so I will offer demo pricing as follows:

Take 9 x M&K K50 LCR speakers - R 63742.50 (R 7082.5 each) (20% saving)
Take 7 x M&K K50 LCR speakers - R 50570.00 (R7224.29 each) (15% saving)
Take 5 x M&K K50 LCR speakers - R 37185.00 (R7437.00 each) (12.5% saving)
Take 2 x M&K K50 LCR speakers - R 15298.20 (R 7649.10 each) (10% saving)

3 x pairs M&K IC-95 speakers - R 12725.00 per pair (10% saving)
2 x M&K V10+ subwoofers - R54 500 (10% saving) (selling as a pair only)
Anthem MRX 1140 AVR - R90 000 (10% saving) - New MRX1140-8k is R115 000
Anthem MCA525 V1 amplifier - R73 595 (20% saving) - New MCA525 V2 is R91 995
Furman Elite 16 - R35 450 (20% saving)

I am willing to do the entire package, (excluding the Furman) for R282 470 (9xK50 speakers / 3 pairs IC-95 / 2x V10+ subs / Anthem MRX 1140 / Anthem MCA 525)
This would be a 20% saving from retail.
Entire package including Furman: R310 000

Normal full warranties apply on all equipment from date of sale to new owners, as I am a normal dealer for all of these products.
This has been an incredible system to demonstrate and I have been really happy with the performance. I can guarantee anyone that this would be a fantastic first home cinema system.

Cinema Sales K50 speakers.jpg

Cinema Sales speakers IC95.jpg

Cinema Sales M&K V10+.jpg



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