Information required - smart sockets and isolators


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Nov 21, 2016
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As I progress down the road of recent inverter install, I am looking at additional functionality. Now I'm looking for smart switches.


1. Wifi compatibility with Apple and with Android - yes we have two phones in this house. If it's not possible to do both, then Apple is first choice.
2. I need isolators to turn on lighting - including, external security, pool light and entrance to house. These are low current devices.
3. I need isolators to control a geyser, another for a heat pump and the pool pump. These need to be properly rated and allow for motor inrush currents.

I liked the look of the Sonoff range - but I am unsure if compatible with Apple - I want to be able to setup and control from my Apple Mac and my iPhone. Actions like turning on security lighting. Then turning off all lights at bedtime. (Note - motion detection lamps on different dedicated circuit stay permanently on). Also turning off geyser, and pool pump during load shedding. Also at night - so PV panels can provide the power for filtered pool water and hot washing water.

I looked at the CBI Astute range. Limited number of devices. They do not have a low amperage isolator for lights. I know their 30 amp will work, but surely overkill?

Anybody had good experiences with a particular range? Please let me have the manufacturer's name.