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FS -DACs Fezz Buzz- An Early Bird offer on the Lampizator designed Equinox


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Oct 8, 2013
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Cape Town
In our view, the Equinox is a landmark product for Fezz Audio and a device that seems to hold high promise for incredible musicality based on the designs by Lukas Fikus of Lmapizator fame, will be shipped in Jan 2023. As always, Airmusic attempts to share the joy of good quality at affordable prices, and therefore, we decided to offer an early bird deal on the Equinox.

The price for the Equinox for forum members for the next week is R40 000.00, which represents a saving of R5 000.00

The offer will only stand for one week and end next Friday, the 8th of Dec.

Please choose your colour from the selection below and contact me directly or through Stereo-Direct Fine Audio Equipment (there are payment options available)

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 08.05.04.png

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