Denafrips Ares II and the Schitt Yggdrasil - What Do They Have In Common?


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Nov 17, 2010
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Remember this ?
Personally I think your money would be better spent investing in effectively placed room treatment, and then consider looking at upgrading your speakers and/or subwoofers. That'll net you a much bigger difference than a change of DAC.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with your source, I would suggest leaving the amplification up to your Rotel with your Denon in Preamp mode. Measurement wise the Denon is more linear than the Denafrips:


Last night while reading the April'23 issue of Stereophile magazine, I remembered the above statement by @KenMasters. It prompted me to immediately do some research which I did not do at the time, and see what exactly really said in that review.
Here's what they concluded :

It has become a common retort to say that R2Rs measure poorly. Indeed even the manufacturer says this. Good thing that is not the case here as that is just an excuse. The Denafrips ARES II has very good performance as an R2R DAC. And its faults if any, should not be audible.

So if you are itching to have an R2R/custom boutique DAC, the ARES II makes a good candidates."

That paints a different picture than the motivations mentioned above - because "all the information" now, is there, for good reason(s).
The same applies to my recent postings on the VivId B1's. There is good reason to post all the relevant information and their references, its an accepted standard, just pointing it out (generalising).

Back to : What is common to the Denafrips Ares II and the Schitt Yggdrasil, among other things ?

They are both R2R Ladder dacs, and......, They both measure badly!

As can be seen above from @KenMasters quote above from the audioscience review, confirmed that. Stereophile in the April'23 issue confirmed the Schitt Yggdrasil similar in the file below :

This was a pleasant surprise to me - the venerable Schitt Yggdrasil( see Stereophile comments/file below) falls into the same category of the Ares II dac. Its no coincidence they are R2R ladder dacs, that they both measure badly, and yet are some of the best, as in Yggdrasil, and "Denafrips ARES II has very good performance"- Audiosciencereview. Something "good' has been happening here for a long while, no?

Also, what I find a bit comical : Search Schitt Yggdrasil in Audiosciencereview : 'Not found". That is so funny on multiple levels!

Below also find comments made by Benjamin Zwickel, Owner of Mojo Audio ( Stereophile'23, pg193) on his Mojo Audio Mstique X SE dac, that measured really badly, but sounded excellent according to Herb Reichert. You obviously know now it's an R2R Ladder dac. His opinions he posits are illuminating.


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