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Computers & Networking / Re: Extremely Slow USB File Transfer Rates
« Last post by Music_Lover on Today at 02:48:53 AM »
Corsair Voyager Slider X2 - 200/90 read/write
Corsair Voyager GS 280/160 read/write
Corsair Voyager GT 250/100 read/write
Adata UE700 200/100 read/write
Kingston Datatraveller Elite G2 180/70 read/write
Kingston HyperX Savage 350/180 read/write

All above are for the 64GB version of the flash drive

Thanks a million. Your help is hugely appreciated. I was really disappointed with my purchase and was at a loss for what to do next.

I've emailed the store saying that the SanDisk is unusable and I'm sure they will swap it for me. I will go with the Kingston HyperX Savage.
Open Talk / Re: A new beginning?
« Last post by Atjan on Today at 02:13:37 AM »
I'm just taken aback by how blasť people are about it.

He's going to talk to the banks. Presumably because he has shares in the banks and he is about to take away the means by which massive loans are going being paid.
He should also be talking to Gigaba....who does he think will be buying stuff so they can pay VAT? And he needs to ramp up the number of grants. Of the few people who are still employed, many are dependent on agriculture.

The idiots on Linkedin reckons the land will be farmed by subsitance that happened on farms that have been given to land claimers....

Its a big, dark, empty place he is moving the country to. You don't have to be white to see that.

At least credit ratings will remain unchanged.

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Open Talk / Re: A new beginning?
« Last post by Rotten Johnny on Today at 01:19:00 AM »
There is no next step, it is the abyss.
Vinyl / Re: Seven Thorens TD124 turntables
« Last post by marantz123 on Today at 01:16:14 AM »
 Waiting in anticipation to see the magnificent seven... :)
Hi morning Veisman,
I did send my info to NewMusic ,but haven't heard back from him.
Lets give it today and see what happens?  :dop:
Hi Kenny, I tried calling you today - I was stuck in court the whole day. I will eft first thing in the morning, I apologise for the delay on
my side. I will add R100 for postnet and message you details once I have made payment to you.

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Open Talk / Re: Vaping - to stop smoking
« Last post by HBAutomation on Yesterday at 11:47:55 PM »
Good luck JonnyP! Let us know how it turns out.  :thumbs:
The Vintage Audio section / Re: Akai 4000D reel to reel tape recorder
« Last post by skollie on Yesterday at 11:46:53 PM »
It is highly advisable that all mechanical parts, especially in the case when the machine has been standing for long, should be cleaned and lubricated as appropriate and as per service recommendations for R2Rs.
As a minimum, open it, blow the dust out the best you can, use dry Q-tips to scoop the muck where evident from the transport levers / sliding parts / PCBs and re-grease where appropriate (google the service manual to see the correct lubrication points and type of grease that is allowed).
Put a drop of "electric motors oil" (sewing machine oil works fine) on capstan bushing(s). If the motor bushings are accessible, use the same oil - just a tiny drop on the tip of the toothpick already means a lot. Do NOT over-lubricate as the oil will spray all over the place once the machine is running.
Inspect the belts and source the replacement if necessary, even if only as spares. De-ox the RCA plugs. If the capstan rubber wheel or any other serviceable rubber parts look dirty/tired/spotty/stained, clean GENTLY using Q-tips wetted minimally with isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Do not soak the rubber with IPA.
Thoroughly clean the heads and all of the tape transport path with IPA.

Rule of thumb when using the old tapes - chances are they have collected quite a bit of dust over the time, so, every time you run a tape to the end, clean the heads and path with IPA. Else, there's a chance that contamination on the tape will act as sand-paper on the heads and transport path.
If the tapes display the "tape shed" symptoms, discard them - there is nothing that can be done about that. Magnetic material shedding from the tape is a beech to remove from the metal parts and it's highly abrasive.

It is not a good idea to use blowed or compressed air to futz around electro-mechanical machines - especially tape tecorders. You will drive dust into parts which can get obstructed by dust. It is far better and safer to use a vacuum cleaner and brush.

Vinyl / Re: Seven Thorens TD124 turntables
« Last post by HBAutomation on Yesterday at 11:37:35 PM »
Soo... thats seven. Done and dusted?  :whistler:
Open Talk / Re: A new beginning?
« Last post by Atjan on Yesterday at 11:30:27 PM »
So Cyril is planning to disown land without compensation. No-one seems to be talking about it, but I followed a Linkedin discussion on the topic lead by a few people whose profiles say they are either doing well in business, FNB and the other an apparent academic.

Whats going on? Is SA now ready to take the next step into the abyss?

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