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Love movies shot in LA. It is so desolate at night.

This movie soundtrack is as awesome as the film.
Drive 2011
Here is the complete playlist with different videos. Think the ones above are better.

 Collateral with Tom Cruise (Audioslave)

This song I want to use in a music video. I have the video and the song now I must figure out how to put the 2 together. The video I have is definitely not about a idyllic island
General Discussion / Re: Do i need thicker speaker cables
« Last post by Rodney_gold on Today at 12:42:23 AM »
Im going for the baby gate and having a set of these made up , lets see if the lil bastid can get thru those!!!


They have some nice play lists
Love the video to this track...

The Machinist.  "I haven't slept in a year" He is a fantastic actor
Open Talk / Re: Vaping - to stop smoking
« Last post by kenvanraas on Today at 12:02:26 AM »
yes,what you said  :dop:
Open Talk / Re: Vaping - to stop smoking
« Last post by JonnyP on Yesterday at 11:56:37 PM »
Thanks for the opinions, trouble with rolling is that I tried before and found I can roll one with filter one handed whilst running for a bus.  Thought Id maybe lost that skill last year but picked it back up v quickly.  Im a rolling machine!  Nice though! I just want to try vaping to see (tried the old e-cigs and they were either leaky or hideous).
Hi All

Not sure if this needs to be in the Social Responsibility section.  There is a church that has started recently near Booysens, Jhb and they are in need of a projector.  I had a projector that I tried to repair  but that has not worked out and would like some advice on a reasonably priced projector, I dont think it needs to be an expensive machine, something 2nd hand that works, thats bright enough and with a remote control if possible, maybe a suitable cable as well just to get them started.  As part of my contribution to the church, im offering a monetary amount (here) in aid of this venture to get them something that they need. Any advice or help towards this would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Open Talk / Re: Vaping - to stop smoking
« Last post by kenvanraas on Yesterday at 11:30:32 PM »
Jon,dont worry about 'sub ohm vaping' for now etc.Please,just start somewhere and 'grow it from there' sort of. (sorry,i suck @ explaining **** etc  :yawn:)
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