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AV Items: For sale / Re: Energy C300 floorstanding speakers
« Last post by tyke on Today at 06:57:07 PM »

DIY Audio / Re: Kirishima Horn Loudspeaker build
« Last post by El Sid on Today at 06:56:18 PM »

Curly do you still have these masterpieces, and still happy with them? I need to start thinking about making horns for my upcoming Mars valve amp, so I'm looking at what people have been doing....
AV Items: For sale / Denon DVD-3910 Player - R3000
« Last post by Stormy Norman on Today at 06:50:48 PM »
Denon DVD-3910 Player for sale.

Price: R3000
Location: Cosmo City  (Roodepoort / Randburg).
Condition: 8/10 - comes with the remote.
Shipping: preferebly collection as I don't have the box.

Whether you're looking for sublime picture quality, or the heart and soul of your favorite music, you'll find it with the DVD-3910. By combining state-of-the-art technology with old-fashioned craftsmanship, Denon has created a component with the look and feel of a fine instrument. Its handsome brushed-aluminum front panel and awe-inspiring performance make the '3910 an ideal choice for any first-class home theater or audio system. In pristine condition, in champaign silver.

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AV Items: For sale / Energy C300 floorstanding speakers
« Last post by tyke on Today at 06:47:38 PM »

Have the following pair of speakers for sale:

Brand: Energy
Model: C300
Colour: Black ash with high gloss face (slight chips of the clear on one of speakers, hardly noticeable)
Age: +-4.5 years

Accessories: Plinth and spikes on disc
Condition: Excellent
Packaging: None but can box securely if shipping required
Location: Durban
Reason for sale: Upgraded 

Price: R3900.00

DIY Audio / Re: DIY Power Amplifier: PALADIN SM-150
« Last post by adie on Today at 06:41:20 PM »
Give that man something way better than a Bells!
DIY Audio / Re: DIY Power Amplifier: PALADIN SM-150
« Last post by Chingy on Today at 06:39:42 PM »
Sean,send me your size for the top plate.
I'll cut it for you
Managed to find an ex-rental copy of 'The Rules of Attraction' so watched it again.

Unfilmable book - check (the Brett Easton Ellis book is written as diary entries)
US College kids getting drunk/high/having sex - check
US College kids realising that the above may not be a great idea - check
Dawson dude from Dawson's Creek excellent as a sociopathic philanderer/drug dealer/waster -check
Blink and you'll miss it basis of Donna Tartt's 'A Secret History' - check (but at the EoW party)

Best 'Frat house/US College film other than 'Animal House' - Most Definitely

And 'Six Different Ways' by the Cure on the soundtrack - brilliant
Pics of item
AV Items: For sale / Re: Monitor Audio S10 and LCR Centre.
« Last post by Stormy Norman on Today at 06:23:24 PM »
Bump - R8500 for the S10 and the Silver LCR.
AV Items: Commercial trade-ins/ demos / Re: InterM-M500 power amp
« Last post by moloels on Today at 06:21:28 PM »
I have the M700 and it delivers nice clean sound without any issues.
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