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General Discussion / Re: Preamp to pair with Quad 303?
« Last post by Bruce M on Today at 10:38:54 AM »
Thanks Dogears, good to know.

I've tested it with an Arcam preamp, the level also seems fine.

Only problem is the old quad preamp still sounds better!

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General Discussion / Re: Cinema's too loud?
« Last post by Michon on Today at 10:23:14 AM »

i stopped going to nu metro menlyn because of the volume & poor quality of the sound. typically i used to leave with a major headache, mainly, i suspect due to the treble levels.

i have no problem sitting through a rock concert. it is not the volume alone which causes the problem in the cinemas, it is the combination of volume & poor quality.

For me the same applies for when people turn up bright hifi systems too loud. It spoils the whole listening session and sometimes results in my ears ringing afterwards.
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Open Sales / IPad Pro 12.9inch 512gb wifi and cellular
« Last post by thomas24 on Today at 09:59:00 AM »
Item: Latest generation iPad Pro 12.9" 512gb wifi and LTE space gray
Age: Roughly a month
Condition: Pristine, as new
Packaging: Original
Location: Johannesburg
Reason: Wonderful device and a true laptop replacement but I doubt I'll ever use the 512gb of storage and cellular connectivity so I'm planning on downgrading to a used wifi only version.
Price: 13900 (istore price is R21499)
AV Items: Trader sales / Re: Celestion C County vintage speakers
« Last post by Andile on Today at 09:57:44 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Cinema's too loud?
« Last post by chrisc on Today at 09:55:24 AM »
Projectionists no longer need to be skilled people, changing film reels and synchronising reels as they empty.  It is all automated and set up, complete with adverts, trailers and the main movie.  5 mins before the initial advert is shown, the projectionist will get an alert so must make sure the computer is switched on.  After that, it is a matter of clicking "play".   The audio volume of the advert clips, trailers and movie have been run through a "normalising" app to achieve the same level.   There is a small speaker above the console to monitor the audio, but this is constant and bears no relation to what is being played in the theatre

The most common package used is Vista Cinema.  It is becoming integrated with Dolby Cine-Asset, again automated so little user intervention is required.  Sound is way down on the list of essential requirements
AV Items: For sale / Re: Rotel RDV-1080
« Last post by OgreZA on Today at 09:35:24 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Cinema's too loud?
« Last post by Kemosabe on Today at 09:34:30 AM »
What baffles me is that getting the experience right shouldn't be so hard. Like running a bath for a small child I. E. Put your hand in and check the temp. Likewise getting the cinema experience "right" should not be much more complicated than making sure it's clean and then a sensible human just sitting in there for 5 mins to make sure volume and temperature will suit the average person. Eg. On temp everyone should agree that 21 to 22 degrees c is a fine temp for a human to live at whether it be summer, winter or the international space station! I never understand the need to chill a room to 16 deg. And they are the experts not me. They should have different temps for a packed house on a Friday 8pm show from the temp at 10am on a Tuesday. Use your brains people!
General Discussion / Re: TV Mount : Ross & adjusting screw
« Last post by chrisc on Today at 09:18:13 AM »
Then the solution is to make the hole where you want it, allowing the hole to break through, then fill it with Polyfilla Rockset and push in a plastic insert for a coach bolt.  While the filler is still soft, you can move it to the correct location and, using a tamping tool, compact the filler around it.  Fiddly but it works, have done that for people who apply a drill to the wall with one eye shut and wonder what went wrong
AV Items: For sale / Re: The Heads up thread
« Last post by Dolby on Today at 09:16:33 AM »
Whew ... At prices like these, I may need to stop boycotting them and swallow my pride
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