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DIY Audio / Re: The problem with really big power amps...
« Last post by Drifter on Today at 01:15:45 PM »
Wow. Can't wait to see the finished product.
AV Items: For sale / Re: Mark Levinson Digital Front End No.36S and No.37
« Last post by jandre on Today at 01:12:24 PM »

I might have a 380S for sale in the not too far distant future.


Open Talk / Re: What plans are other Capetonians making for Day 0 ?
« Last post by Drifter on Today at 01:12:02 PM »
I only have one unfortunately and that is to move to Hermanus for a while. The commute to work will be an hour and a half either way which is not much worse than my current commute into the CBD at the moment from the far north.

I don't have tanks, boreholes etc and will have to rely on water bought at Makro to see me through the drought. Next questions is, when the rainy season starts, how much water must go into the dams first before the water is switched on again? If we have another dry winter Donald's statement may come true.
Vinyl / Re: Linn LP12 Valhalla overhaul
« Last post by fdlsys on Today at 01:10:46 PM »
Hmm, haven't seen this until I needed to repair some Valhallas. I assume you must have completed this long time ago.

1. Mantech has 47uF/350V rated 5000hrs@105deg (!!!) Rubycons. Unfortunately radial so I'll be bending and extending the leads and covering them with 600v rated heat shrink.
2. Mantech. 50 Ohm/1.9A
3. 15kohm, not sure about power rating. I'm leaving them in place (size is the problem) because they seldom or never die - their job is do dissipate heat so they look "burnt" even though they are just fine. If you can find a suitable (physical size) replacement in wire-wound variety, go for it. Mount them well away from the PCB to minimise the "burnt" look of the PCB.
4. 5 EL caps only on non-PSU side - cheap and easy to replace if that'll make you sleep better but I'm not aware that they are a weakness. Mantech, search for "cap 105" <- long life, rated at 105 degrees.
2x   14M3669   CAP ELEC RAD 220uF 16V LIHT
1x   72M3954   CAP ELEC RAD 22uF 50V LIHT
2x   83M0098   CAP ELEC RAD 1uF 50V HT

5. ...
6. Apparently, those round ones are fine, but I'll be installing these ones.
1000v/6A - I think this is where a little bit of a overkill is well worth it. It's physical size is exact match for the pinout on the PCB which means it will have enough clearance from the nearest 47uF cap, heat and all. Also, being a low forward voltage drop device, it should generate less heat than more common rectifiers.
7. Use 5w Zeners and you'll never have to worry about them again.
General Discussion / Re: Age of forum members
« Last post by juventino on Today at 01:10:36 PM »
There are over 7600 registered members and I am sure you could take a couple 100 off that are banned or no longer taking part so we have really only received information on this poll of just 1%of members.

Long way too go still

General Discussion / Re: Age of forum members
« Last post by HBAutomation on Today at 01:10:25 PM »
I still fit in the youngster category at 49.
Valves/Tubes / Re: Please help identify rectifier
« Last post by charles on Today at 01:06:49 PM »
" If possible, trace out the schematic as well, would certainly be of assistance."

Agree, very good suggestion.
General Discussion / Re: Swop or trade-in Denon AVR X3200W
« Last post by juventino on Today at 01:04:37 PM »
you are going to have to contact suppliers and see if they do trade ins and also if they have the upgrade

For Denon as previously mentioned there is Remedytec then Audioholics in Edenvale, there are the online guys Audico and Ultrasound and also Smart lifestyle
Valves/Tubes / Re: Please help identify rectifier
« Last post by Family_Dog on Today at 12:57:19 PM »
The 5Y3 is a bit light for supplying 4 x EL84 valves, so probably a 5U4 or GZ34.Check what amperage (if it is stated) is available for the 5v heater winding of the transformer. The GZ34 draws just under 2A, the 5U4 draws 3A.

Are you referring to the two 9-pin valves supplied with the amp? They should both be exactly the same, ie either ECC81 (both) or ECC83 (both). They would then use the two stages of the twin triode to drive a pair of EL84 output valves, presumably in Push-Pull.

Once the valves are in, run some voltage tests. If possible, trace out the schematic as well, would certainly be of assistance.

General Discussion / Re: Age of forum members
« Last post by Tobes on Today at 12:56:59 PM »
43  :dop:
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