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The REGA philosophy
« on: December 22, 2016, 10:21:12 AM »
It's no secret that I'm a bit of a REGA fanboy. As I sit here typing this I'm listening to Andrew Jackson Jihad through an all REGA system (PC, DAC-R, Brio-R and RS1 bookshelves). It's completely overkill for a desktop sound system, but it's where I spend all my time, so it's worth it.

Part of what I love about REGA is the sound, I just seem to enjoy the music I'm listening to through a REGA system a bit more. The other part of what I love is the simplicity, the no frills approach to building components. It speaks to a type of minimalist approach that seems to sit at the far side of a scale in Hi-Fi (the other side being gold plated OTT valve amps, which I like for other reasons).

But I digress and think it would be easiest for Roy Gandy to explain it himself. Watch how REGA got start and how it's unique approach was developed here:

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Re: The REGA philosophy
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Been posted several times, but I fully agree.

One of the few hifi brands that spend more on r&D than marketing.

I'm a big fan.
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