Author Topic: READ FIRST: Rules for the Classified section  (Read 95919 times)

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READ FIRST: Rules for the Classified section
« on: July 18, 2005, 08:22:44 AM »
In order to make this section a useful resource to all and to protect the interests of the members, do observe the following rules:

* You need a post count of 50 before you can post an ad here.
New members are encouraged to participate in other areas of the forum so we get to know each other. The intention of the classifieds is to create an area for contributing and known members to sell their gear.  Attempts to circumventing this rule by listing your kit elsewhere on the forum and asking what it may be worth is prohibited.

* Ads must include some indication of price. You may in addition add "or best offer" to your price. No price and "What Offers?/Make an offer" type of wording is strictly prohibited.

* Ads must include your location.

* Only advertise equipment in your possession.
Do not place ads on behalf of other members who do not qualify. Don't advertise stuff that you yourself don't own.

* Personal ads for specific equipment in your possession only!
This is not the place to advertise your business, bulk specials or dump price lists. While, in some cases, it'll be allowed to trade goods here for profit, it must be understood that such concessions will only be made for members on here with a solid reputation. This is, however, subjective but will be enforced at the sole discretion of the Mod team. No debates around merit will be entertained! .

* If you are a member of the trade, you are welcome to contact any of the Administrators in order to advertise your goods in the Trader's Fair.

* This area is for Audio/Video equipment and related accessories only.
There is an Open Sales section for other goods, but you need more than 100 posts to start a thread there.

* Please indicate clearly the full manufacturer + model name in the topic. If you can, include some specs in the message body - e.g. number of channels, watts per chanel, etc. Links to external pages containing specifications and/or reviews may also be useful.

* You may not discuss pricing in other people's ads.
If you want to negotiate (or point out errors) please use Personal Messages (that's what the PM button is for). Posts violating this rule will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

* No excessive bumping, i.e. posting nonsense purely for the sake of bringing your thread up again. If you have something meaningful to add to the thread, add it, otherwise please do not add useless noise to the forum. We'd like to avoid threads containing large amounts of useless "bump" posts. If you feel like your ad isn't getting enough attention because too many sold/completed threads are above it, you may post a reply once every 3 days. If you feel like you have to bump your ad at least try add something useful like another picture or a specs link

* If you have digital pictures of your equipment, please post them. You can use a free photo hosting service such as Photobucket to host the pictures for you.

While posting pics will help you sell your equipment quicker, pics also help potential buyers to judge the condition of the item(s), so please be honest in this regard. If you decide to borrow photos that are not of the actual equipment, you must declare this, clearly. We will take strict action against members who willfully set out to deceive.

* Please post a comment with feedback about buyers/sellers after you complete a deal. This helps future transactions by recognising good traders.

* While AVForums does wish you the best of luck in trading, we can accept no responsibility if a deal goes sour for whatever reason. So please do watch out and don't part with your money or kit unless you're sure of what you're doing.

Posts in the classified section not conforming to the above rules may be deleted without contacting the original poster first. In addition, newly created user accounts may be locked for abusive behavior.

For example, a good topic could be:

For Sale: Yamaha RX-V550 AV Receiver, R4000 onco, boxed with manuals.

Inside the message body one could include some pictures, a link to the manufacturer's product page and/or reviews, etc.

On a related note, the following tips might be useful to you when dealing with second hand items: Hi-Fi equipment tends to lose more of its value if the kit is not complete - in other words, when you buy, something don't throw your boxes and packaging away, and be particularly careful with any manuals that came along with it. When buying used goods, check whether equipment has been disassembled before (possibly for repairs or modifications) by inspecting the screws and covers for marks; check that serial numbers are not removed or missing (goods could be stolen or gray). An original invoice is always a good thing if the seller can present it.

While we encourage you to use the classifieds (and have fun pickup up those good deals!), it should be noted that this area is the only area on this whole forum where moderation will be aggressively enforced.
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Re: READ FIRST: Rules for the Classified section
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2014, 07:37:34 PM »
This needs a bump - please read and follow the rules here. They are for your own protection, Buyer & Seller.



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