Spikes vs Cups vs Pucks


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Aug 21, 2017
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Has anyone played around with spikes into a hard or soft surface vs
spike into a cup (like gorgeous audio stands, by far the most aesthetically pleasing) vs
Rubber like feet or pucks vs
A crazy rubber and spike combination?

I have read a bit. People seem to use the same words like isolate. However they use it for the puck in one argument and the spike in other. So. Contradicting.

I see some like spikes for carpet to avoid movements of the box. Increasing your Fu to try mitigate Newton's 3rd law. Well that's what I understand from the description.
I see rubber pucks try reduce vibrations
Yet I see spikes into cups to avoid shifting and damaging surfave below. But then you have only the rubber increasing Fu. So why the spike?
Also instead of a solid cylinder which some argue is the strongest shape for a rod to dissipate forces equally. They add the spikes in between each rod. If this was the case why are speaker stands solid then. Instead of this design. Gorgeous I see. But acoustically
Lastly I am still curious to bolting the speaker to said stand vs simply placing ontop and hoping Fu and weight is sufficient to prevent shifting