Soundtrack for the End of Life as we know it


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Travelling Man
Dec 9, 2023
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Free State
To me there is no doubt a new War is approaching some time in the future - maybe 50 years max. And of course it will be Apocalyptic. Projections are horrendous; no power, global pollution, misery and sickness, half the inhabitants and planet glowing n the dark. And so on.
I don't have the imagination to paint a really gloomy picture.
But wait! What about music? No more wailing guitars etc. This is bad!
However, there is an opportunity to build a really good soundtrack as we watch the radio-active dust clouds roll in; assuming we didn't watch the nuke flashes and our kit didn't commit electro-magnetic suicide...

Let's apply our collective love of music to suggest the track list. I'll kick off with:
Pompoos - The End of the Day (when there is no more doubt and nuclear winter makes weather forecasting a foregone conclusion)
Enigma - Goodbye Milky Way (for wishful thinking)
Bert Kaempfert - Wonderland By Night (for when the kids croak about life before granny was vaporized).

Go on give it a go.
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