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Aug 15, 2023
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Cape Town
Being in CT since 2008 I never knew who was really here big in audio so I journeyed on with my setup until I wanted vinyl again then got a Rega 1 and started buying some LP's again. Then the drain started on my bank account once I decided I needed a record cleaning system, so got a Spin Clean from Geoff and one thing led to another. Now the proud owner of some hot stuff in my lounge (Ancient Audio Lektor CD, Kuzma TT with 2 arms, moscode mono's, Raidho and REL), I recently dreamed of my experience with Infinity RS1b's 30 years ago at the Carlton Centre and decided I needed to pursue this. But this desire does just doesn't seem to quite match what is available in my current account :ROFLMAO:. So from past associations I looked up Sonor's latest offering and was gob-smacked by the 10.2's, so am now waiting for those to arrive in December 🙏🙏 So this shows hows talented SA speaker builders are and Roy's lucky that I basically only know him 😊. So then to be supportive further of local I made contact with Lance at Sounds Natural as there's just no ways I could import 200 kg of loudspeakers from Jhb. Then lo and behold, Lance had PL Audio's preamp there (sorry Schalk) and this in combo with Valve pwr amps I think and the 8.2's, blew me away. Coming back to earth eventually, I loaned the preamp to try at my place with the Raidho's and also replacing the Lavardin C42, and again couldn't believe just how good this preamp was. So from actually wanting the loudspeakers from Sonor, I have ordered the preamp as an upgrade even before the spkrs and can't wait. The level of detail, soundstage space and size, air, even base, and also presence and just plain connection and enjoyment of the music, is par excellence. I'd love to get Peter's monoblocks but funds are just too tight now and I reckon my home built moscode hybrid power amps are not too bad 😉 (I do have the wireless world article if anyone interested). Well done to local designers and builders Peter Lotter - PLAudio and Roy Witelson - Sonor. And apologies to the other guys I don't know 😇