RA_Features: Dwson: Feel What I've Been Feeling [mzansi/CT, Deep House,...]


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Aug 19, 2015
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Well done by a Resident Advisor journalist... not crazy/weird/attitude like BBC tends to do.


With his deep and soulful shades of house, this 27-year-old DJ and producer is currently one of South Africa's best. Marcus Barnes hears his story.

    Words / Marcus Barnes    Published / Thu, 5 Nov 2020

Phone conversations are my preferred mode of interview these days, but I'm determined to arrange a video chat with Dwson. The 27-year-old South African artist comes from a mixed heritage and is classified by his country as a "Coloured." Being of mixed background myself, I'm excited to connect with him face to face, especially after spending time with his music. So far, he's only left Africa once, to play in Berlin, so I've only been able to watch him perform on YouTube. A recording of that two-hour set at Ipse's Hallo Montag has been on repeat in my studio for the past month. It's deep and exquisitely layered, a confident fusion of soulful house cuts, hints of Afrotech and groovy 4x4 flavours. Whether he's in the mix or in the studio, Dwson moves effortlessly through a variety of styles while keeping true to the sonic essence commonly referred to as an artist's "sound."