Pioneer AX5AI and DV 868AVi iLink SQ

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Mar 8, 2008
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I bought the Pioneer AX5AI as well as the DV 757AI on the forum.  I have a DV 868 AVi already and have never tried the iLink (Firewire/IEEE 1394) connection on the DVD player.  Well tonight I thought let me give it a go as the reviews are very favourable.  I connected the DV 868 AVi (which is already not a slouch in the SQ output) and after a few tinkering in the menu to activate the iLink feature I was taken aback by the sound quality improvement between the iLink and the digital out of the player.

I am duly impressed with the total range of the audio spectrum that is improved.  Such a nice interface and a pity it has been dropped.  One advantage is that you can get a bitstream output from firewire of SACD which normally is copyright protected from the SPDIF output.  The clock of the DVD/SACD player is syncronised via the iLink as well resulting in a much lower jitter.
I quote. Pioneer PQLS (Precision Quartz Lock System) enables the amplifier/receiver to conform the speed of the DVD player's signal transfer to its own crystal clock speed. The original digital bit stream will be regenerated in the amplifier/receiver using its own clock. Hence, jitter resulting from the signal transmission is reduced to an absolute minimum, and SACD and DVD-Audio sound reproduction is as true to the original source as possible.

The Pioneer amplifier is also doing an excellent job.  Even though it is an older generation, it shows you can still buy some excellent audio for not a lot of money.

Some information on iLink


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Jan 15, 2009
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I have Yamaha DVD-S2500 universal player with iLink. Was often wandering if output from this interface can be directed to FireWire dac. Such us uber expensive Weiss dac2 or dac 202 or to other dacs with fire wire inputs.  If yes, this would rejuvenate those aging universal players.

As far as I know DSP-Z11 was probably last a/v receiver in yammie range with iLink inputs. I never had a chance to listen to one but heard they were awesome is SQ They are still sought after second hand goodies.