(New) speaker repair shop in Wynberg, Cape Town


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Dec 24, 2008
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Cape Town
Was asked to install a AVR into a house where the buyer acquired some speakers along with the house
Connecting the amp gave a tinny sound from the tweeters
Checking with a meter on the LF output of the crossover found an open circuit on both units
Took them to this place in Wynberg, they fitted new voice coils, and good as new
The job was particularly difficult as the 8" drivers were attached to a plate which had been glued to the front board
Job was R1500,00. The old voice-coil formers were brittle and dark from heat

The shop is at the lower end of Wynberg, near Constantia Road. Usefully, you can park right outside:

Main Road Shop 4, Burlington Arcade
Opposite RJames Hardware and next to Sky Tool hire
399 Main Road Wynberg
Tel: 0615010457