Lite Remote Hex Codes & Details


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Jan 15, 2013
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My Lite Remote for my has been playing up, I took it apart and did some cleaning and while I had it open I grabbed some details. I was trying to figure out if I should build a new remote, or just order from eBay.

Figured I would dropped the info here for Señor Google. This is the Lite Remote for any of the MV products.

I also used an aurdino to grab the hex codes for the buttons.

2 8FFA2F2E
3 B0D7CF5E
4 74402B1E
5 C3940A53
VOL + CC91D36E
VOL - E936013E

Data Dump on encoding:
Encoding : UNKNOWN
Code : E936013E (32 bits)
+ 500, -1200 +1300, - 400 + 500, -1200 +1300, - 400
+ 450, -1250 + 450, -1200 + 500, -1200 +1300, - 400
+ 500, -1200 + 500, -1200 + 500, -1200 + 500
unsigned int rawData[23] = {500,1200, 1300,400, 500,1200, 1300,400, 450,1250, 450,1200, 500,1200, 1300,400, 500,1200, 500,1200, 500,1200, 500}; // UNKNOWN E936013E

The board is incredibly basic and carries the following numbers:

IC is

Data Sheet translation
The offered product is widely used in digital home appliances, computer and mobile phones. Our offered products are made using optimum quality diode, resistor and capacitor at our well-equipped manufacturing plant. In addition to this, our clients can avail AD009 01T TV Infrared Remote IC from us at the best market prices and given time frame. Owing to their excellent quality, our offered products find a host of applications in varied industries.

1. General Descriptions

AD009-01T is a high-performance 4-bit RISC micro-controller embedded up to 2KX12 bits OTP,
32X4 bits SRAM, 12 Input/Output pins, one input pin and built-in one IR LED drive pin. it’s flexible
and cost-effective solution for remote control of TV, Fans, Air conditioners ... etc.

2. Features
MCU Operating voltage: 1.8V to 3.6V
Memory Size
Program ROM size: 2K/0.6K X12 bits (OTP type)
SRAM size: 32x4 bits
Wake up function for power-down mode
HALT mode wake up source: RTC timer overflow or PA0~3, PB0~3, PD0~3 and PC0 edge trigger.
Provided 12 input /output pins: each I/O has bit programmable as input or output port, these 12 I/Os also provided edge trigger wake up function and pull up resistors config ured by registers.

(a) They are provided with high sink current 20mA @VDD=3V, VOL=0.5V.
(b) They are provided with driv e current 7mA @VDD=3V, VOH=2.5V.
(c) Pull up 150k ohm resistor.
Provided 1 input pin (PA3), shared with RESETB/VPP pin by option, pull up 150k ohm resistor and edge
trigger wake up function.
Built-in one IR LED drive pin.
Provided RTC with 32K X’tal oscillator for real time clock applications.

Oscillator type by option
(a) External X’tal oscillator 1MHz~4MHz or 32KHz (e xternal ceramic resonator or crystal oscillator, the pin of X’tal is shared with PB0 and PB1 pin )
(b) Built-in internal RC OSC 32 MHz ---- frequency deviation within ±2%, VDD=1.8V~3.6V, temp= -20 ºC ~70 ºC Four reset condition Low voltage reset (LVR=1.55V)
Power on RC-reset
External reset (RSTB) pin shared with PA3 by option.
Watch dog timer overflow reset (WDT period is 0.131 Sec~1.048 Sec, if MCU run at 4MIPS)