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Eben Rust

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Mar 17, 2024
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It has been many years, but I am back. Some of the old timers may remember me. I was lured back by Achim's Trios that is on the market, we have a long history and shared interests.

This is me. I now post as Eben Rust.


However, this is not the reason for my return. I need some advice in general about the following two totally unexpected events. But first some background. My first boss and good friend Gary Jones turned 90 this month (by the way, I am turning 70 this year, so no spring chicken either) and at the party he mentioned that I should come and fetch my records. It turns out that he has 3 boxes full of 78RPM recordings in mint condition and wants me to have them. He got them from someone in the late 50’s and has never played them (there is a much longer story, but I won’t bore you). So, I fetched the three boxes, one has never been opened and the others contain amazing recordings like “Vesti la Giubba” by Enrico Caruso (1907). The first recording to sell more than one million copies and Caruso is rated as one of the best tenors ever. I just love it, but it does seem like some kind of rabbit hole. I have a Linn Sondek TT LP12 and it only plays 331/3

What are my options:

1) Have them digitized (what is the fun in that).

2) Get another TT with appropriate cartridge.

What else is there, what should I avoid, what’s good and what is bad about this rabbit hole.

I realize there is a dedicated section for LP’s and I will take this thread there but I am trying to get a general feedback from the larger community.

It is good to be back. I will deal with the second event later, lets do this one first.

Let me show you some pics. Remember, these boxes were kept in his garage for 60+ years!





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