AVO Valve Tester/Characteristic Meter photos


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Dec 7, 2021
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Victoria, Australia
Hi, folks,

I am writing an article on the AVO Valve Tester, the VCM MKI~IV, CT160 and VCM163. It is currently some 10 pages, with half a page of references.

It will appear in Silicon Chip, Australia's premier electronics/hobby magazine.

You can get an idea of the depth and quality of my work here:


I have my own photos for the Valve Tester, the VCM MKII and MKIV and the CT160, but not for the MKI, MKIII or the VCM163

Can you help with good photos? I would like a resolution of 1200 pixels minimum, and good lighting without excessive glare or reflections.

I will be paid for the article. The publisher is able to pay a usage fee to you, and we always give full credit to any contributor.

Please let me know if you can help with this important piece of historical research and publishing.

Ian Batty, M.Ed.

Victoria, Australia.

[email protected]

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