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Sep 12, 2020
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Covers a lot on tubes. Also check the appendix for tube specific details

1. Introduction to Electronics
Electrons. Resistance. Alternating Current. Capacitance. Inductance.
The Transformer. Parallel Resonant Circuit. The Function of an Amplifier.

2. Voltage Amplification
The Diode Valve. The Triode Valve. Amplification. Triode characteristics.
Equivalent circuit. Automatic or Cathode Bias. Current Feedback.

3. Graphical Analysis
Load Line. Bias. Dynamic Characteristic. Distortion. Cathode Bypass.

4. Tetrodes and Pentodes
The Tetrode. The Pentode. Pentode_as Voltage Amplifier. Dynamic
Characteristic. Distortion. Cathode Bypass.

5. Adding Stages
Resistance-capacity Coupling. Low Frequency Response. High Frequency
Response. A Practical Two-Stage Amplifier.

6. Power Amplifiers
Loudspeaker Load. Output Transformer. Single Output Valve. Optimum
Load. Reactive Load. Frequency Response. Push-Pull Operation. Ultra-
linear Operation. Cathode Biasing. Class B Operation.

7. Negative Feedback
Benefits of Negative Voltage Feedback. Feedback and Frequency Response.
Basic Formula. Effect of Voltage Feedback upon Gain. Effect of Negative
Feedback upon Distortion. Input and Output Impedance. Phase Shift.
Applying Feedback in Series with Input. Cathode Follower. Voltage
Feedback over a Single Stage. Feeding Back over Two Stages. Parallel
Feedback. Frequency Correction by Feedback.

8. Phase Splitting
Cathode Follower. Direct Coupling. Anode Follower. Cathode Coupled
Phase Splitter. Drivers.

9. Supply Units
H.T. Supply. Rectification. Smoothing. Choke Regulation.

10. Design for a 3 Watt Amplifier
Design Considerations. Design Development. Output Stage. Voltage
Amplifier. Frequency Response. Negative Feedback.

11. Design for a 10 Watt Amplifier
Push-Pull Output Stage. Phase Splitter. Negative Feedback. Balancing.
Voltage Amplifier

12. Design for a 30 Watt Amplifier
Ultralinear Output Stage. Driver Stage. Phase Splitter. Voltage Amplifier.
Negative Feedback.

13. Testing Amplifiers
Test Equipment. Power Output Measurement. Frequency Response Test.
Feedback Measurement. Square Wave Test. Dummy Loudspeaker Load.
Soak Test. Oscilloscope Displays.

14. Amplification from Low Voltage Sources
Noise. A.C. Hum.

15. Frequency Correction and Tone Control
Frequency Discrimination. Frequency Correction. Tone Control. Steep
Cut Filters. Volume Control.

16. The Amplifier and Loudspeaker Combination
Loudspeaker as a Load. Effect of Loudspeaker upon Amplifier Performance.
Damping. Low Frequency Response. * High Frequency Response.

17. Transistors
Semiconductors. Junctions. The Transistor. Common Base Connection.
Common Emitter Connection. Common Collector Connection. Working
Point. Gain. Frequency Response. Distortion. Noise. Advantages and

18. Construction
Chassis Forms. Layout. Components. Wiring. Earth Looping. Finish.

19. Amplifiers for Stereophony

Chassis Form. Balancing. Phase Reversal.
Appendix I. Reference Data
Appendix II. Valve Application Reports