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  1. David Morris

    The Limits to Allowable Debate on this Forum

    Yes,I got notified yesterday and had to change it this morning. Maybe just good practice to have stronger passwords?
  2. David Morris

    sennheiser hd 600

    118 posts in 12 years, he is a thinker and not a talker Hence the name Socrates
  3. David Morris

    Joke for the day

    My Mrs is Thai and she brought me a nice tie from Thailand a few years back
  4. David Morris

    Customs Duty

    Short answer, you can't get away from a value declaration. You have to make a plan otherwise it will get very technical with customs and they will base the value on like items, this you may not want - - save yourself the trouble and get an...
  5. David Morris

    Lyrics That Tickle Your Funny Bone

    Go watch "video - "
  6. David Morris

    Please help in importing this item{campaign}&utm_content={adgroup}&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9vqyBhCKARIsAIIcLMHm2h_xfE5P49gvd-8ftHCr2rVD_Gn33IUmoT1n06PiDG5jwHCwYEIaAgwiEALw_wcB Maybe this can help, never used it myself
  7. David Morris has gone live

    Maybe they need time to assess the market, as mentioned in an earlier post, not cheap
  8. David Morris

    on-line scam

    Now what is missing from this thread is the "luxury" duty which we refer to as Schedule 1 Part 2B duty, some people call it "ad valorem" duty but I disagree. If you look up amplifiers or...
  9. David Morris

    on-line scam

    Having been in the international logistics fraternity for more than 30 years I know not to use a courier for commercial complex transactions. For a personal pair of Iem's I am quite happy to use a courier and just pay what they tell me. I have no real trouble with Buffalo or the others...
  10. David Morris

    on-line scam

    I think there is a huge disconnect between expectation and actual duty/vat liability
  11. David Morris

    B&O Beolab 5000 (1970'ish)

    Maybe @Morgan Irwin can guide you
  12. David Morris

    FdlSys - Sad news

    Awful news, he was quite an active member
  13. David Morris

    Tidal Hi Res

    I have just signed up again but I will wait before downloading any tracks until the Hi-Res library has been made available because I doubt downloads get upgraded from cd quality to Hi-Res automatically.
  14. David Morris

    Pirole Audio from Cplan Audio

    I imported the Moondrop W Line 4.4mm cable for R1100 as well ex Linsoul
  15. David Morris

    Tidal tier restructure - happier wallets

    What I saw is that with Tidal, you can see the standard of resolution before downloading the track, whereas with Apple I cannot
  16. David Morris

    Pirole Audio from Cplan Audio

    I could not comment on the cable, just CPlan
  17. David Morris

    Pirole Audio from Cplan Audio

    I have also bought from CPlan two or three times, it was a good experience
  18. David Morris

    The "Audiophile" Trap

    Have a glass of your favourite beverage and enjoy!
  19. David Morris

    Political comments from Picture of the Day.

    Not quite on topic but worth a watch in any event
  20. David Morris

    The "Audiophile" Trap

    There must be a pivot point whereby you can no longer hear vast differences in SQ, emphasis on VAST, I think I am there and the beer reminds me that I am listening and/or dancing to music and not gear