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  1. markc

    FdlSys - Sad news

    What terrible news!! He will be missed and remembered!!!
  2. markc

    Members' Kit pics

    Hi Charles, Great looking room and kit. Please can you tell us some more about the speakers, what drivers and that looks as if it may be a passive radiator on the side, also what is the efficiency?
  3. markc

    Buying a Hana ML from Dewald - Service Excellence

    I have posted a bit about my systems on this link, as you requested #optimus this is the link: Members' Kit pics
  4. markc

    Members' Kit pics

    I was asked on this thread to show my system - Buying a Hana ML from Dewald - Service Excellence. I am blessed by having more than one system so here we go. This is my office where I spend most of my time listening to tunes and pretending to work. The system consists of: - dCS Paganini dac...
  5. markc

    Buying a Hana ML from Dewald - Service Excellence

    Just a brief note of my experience of buying a new cartridge for my turntable from Dewald. There are significant advantages of buying from Dewald, personal attention. I wanted to try the Hana ML after reading a bunch of reviews and advice from Dewald. Very happy with both the cartridge and...
  6. markc

    Cape Town Audio Expo 15-17 September

    After reading this, I will be there next year, if at all possible. Well done to everyone!
  7. markc

    Tremor/Moderate magnitude Earthquake this morning

    I am in Glenvista and it is the biggest I have felt, the earth moved me.
  8. markc

    Members' Kit pics

    Now, that is what I have been waiting for!!!! A lot of effort and patience but....WOW..... those are looking world-class. Sean even built a new house to have a proper room for them. His wife thought he built a new house for all of them but I know better and seeing the end result just makes me...
  9. markc

    How many panels - question for experienced users

    I agree with the above comments from our esteemed fellow member above. Everyone told me I was putting up too many panels, I have 24 x 550w on a 15kW system. Best move I made. I think this is one of those times when it is hard to have too many. Another thing that may be worth thinking about is...
  10. markc

    Audio Research in receivership

    Interesting, I am positive that they will survive but in a different form or ownership. It l be a big loss if they don't.
  11. markc


    I bought a 75 for my study. I think it is great, highly recommended. You are welcome to come over and have a look, so good that I bought a 65 for another room.
  12. markc

    Trusted woodworker list

    This is a wonderful idea!!! The great one who built my Onkens is MIA.
  13. markc

    China: has brand China made any strides in the hifi market in SA?

    I have been to China three times. The first time was a VERY short notice trip with almost no planning. I got lucky, overhead two passengers chatting and one mentioned that they must change US$ to Won, in Singapore. It landed up being a very important piece of advice, changing dollars was...
  14. markc


    I spent a lot of very enjoyable time with Sten before he moved out of his flat. What an interesting man he was, he had such a broad knowledge base, he was very lonely after his wife passed. I am glad to hear he went peacefully, he was very worried about getting seriously ill and having to spend...
  15. markc

    Members' Kit pics

    Very nice kit! I have a bit of a lust for your Mark Levinson stuff. I must admit.
  16. markc

    Full range speaker build, maybe group buy and build, tube amps low wattage

    @Phase, Those are Linkwitz Lab Orions in my bedroom, not Frugal Horns, and yes, they do sound great.
  17. markc


    Also bought 2 big drums of HTH last year on Black Friday for about R800.00 each. I think I have enough to last me until Black Friday this year. I think I have got the running costs down as low as I can. Now I just need solar power to get it away from the evil Eskom and JHB City Power.
  18. markc


    I did mine 8 years ago with NCS Gel Coat. Got a light blue, think it was called sky blue. Looks great, the only issue I have had lately is where I put the chlorine into a leaf catcher I have had a slight color change in the past two years, it has gone a bit yellow where the chlorine granules...
  19. markc


    Go with NCS Gel coat.
  20. markc

    Source recordings & Microphone response

    What is interesting is the vocal frequency range of humans, see below, I know my hearing above 16 kHz is not good so I am not missing the microphones drop off above 15 kHz but what is interesting is how low the vocal frequency range is: Soprano: C4 – C6 (261 Hz to 1046 Hz) Mezzo-soprano: A3 –...