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  1. chrisc

    The Cape Town Hi-Fi Club

    More 21st April VF
  2. chrisc

    The Cape Town Hi-Fi Club

    Well attended Vinyl Fair at Barristers yesterday. 14 dealers and several hundred visitors. Disco c/o Chis Reddy In the first picture, we are practising the Beatles zebra crossing walk....
  3. chrisc

    The 2024 Global hifi show calendar

    Yes, 25th = Friday. 25th = Saturday. 27th = Sunday On Sunday the expo will end at 15h00
  4. chrisc

    Joke for the day

  5. chrisc

    Mark Knopfler - Guitar Stories

    The 20th anniversary edition of this album has a much better sound than the original
  6. chrisc

    Solar PV: conversion to pre-paid electricity

    Connect the plug to any circuit-breaker for the City Power section A 50 x 100 plug box should fit under the enclosure, sideways
  7. chrisc

    REW Measurements of AlleyCat's Room- Take 2

    Yes, we want to lean from any short-cuts or errors you think you have made ....and, in the final analysis, was it worthwhile
  8. chrisc

    Solar PV: conversion to pre-paid electricity

    I have this system, prepaid since 1996 and solar since 2015 The wiring from the municipal supply is Incoming mains cable - pre-paid meter - inverter mains in So the pre-paid meter comes before the inverter and is quite separate. It definitely does not come after the inverter If you think...
  9. chrisc

    Wiim mini streamer question

    The upper limit of optical Toslink is 24 bit 96kHz The maximum input of the Theta is 48kHz - see
  10. chrisc

    The Cape Town Hi-Fi Club

  11. chrisc

    Wooden window frames

    I'll try that on my French doors. The house is 80 years old and the doors are made of teak. They get a lot of sun from about 11h00 onwards
  12. chrisc

    The Cape Town Hi-Fi Club

  13. chrisc

    The Cape Town Hi-Fi Club

    One cannot but be impressed with the amazing setup Hein Vercuel has created with his new audio superstore. Well laid out in an office park on the ground floor, there are several spacious rooms, some more compact, some large and a substantial central area which a multiplicity of audio systems...
  14. chrisc

    The Cape Town Hi-Fi Club

    No, but I understand she has a good bedside manner
  15. chrisc

    Repair Quad Electrostatic Loudspeakers

    R8k each is worth it (IMHO). They are wonderful speakers. Do all the panels need attention? Send a message to Albertronics. He is in Cape Town but his friend who fixed his 2905s might know someone
  16. chrisc

    The Cape Town Hi-Fi Club

    She will be waiting to take your temperature, both before and after....
  17. chrisc

    on-line scam

    Duty is not included with Temu. It is mentioned on their Ts & Cs Paid 11 import duties to Buffalo in the past year. All delivered on time as indicated. If you are going to be that suspicious, then do not buy from any overseas vendor. Buffalo pre-clear the shipments, so you must pay via them...
  18. chrisc


    Interesting, thanks The Beatles recordings, done in the 1960's were not bad, but not perhaps as carefully done as some classical music recordings, particularly those recorded by Mercury Another unsurmountable problem is self-demagnetising of the tapes. These recordings are more than 50 years...