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  1. Equity

    Whats on the TT...

    I can finally post here!
  2. Equity

    FS - Media (CD/DVD/LP/Games) Vinyl Fair - Sunday 24th March at the Marina Pub, Eastlake Village, Marina da Gama

    My First time, and thankfully I didn't run into "The Sea" Smaller turn out than What I expected, but I still managed to pick up a few things.
  3. Equity

    Chromecast Tidal app - Loudness fluctuations

    I had that experience yesterday. Dire Straits, "On every Street" Played it from one album, and then changed to a higher bitrate version of the same song, but from a different album which was in a higher format, and the volume went up noticeably.
  4. Equity

    Listening Rooms are... Dumb?

    Happy Friday everyone! I found this series of you tube video`s very interesting and I thought I would share. Building a listening room, and fixing.....everything!
  5. Equity

    Wiim Amp

    You have all three? Have you tired using them in Multiroom mode out of interests sake? Could be use full for a party type situation.
  6. Equity

    Wiim Amp

    Any Idea on Rough pricing at this time?
  7. Equity

    Trusted Repairer/Tweaker database

    Hi. I have two Yamaha AVR that turn on, and then off. Can anyone recommend a place to have them looked at please in Cape Town? Thanks
  8. Equity

    Cape Town Audio Expo 15-17 September

    I really enjoyed the show. I was very impressed with the Bentley Acoustics range of speakers. Quality sounding speakers for a great price in my opinion. I will be looking at getting some in the future.
  9. Equity

    Refurbished Dell and HP desktops

    I have used these guys before with no issues Takealot also sell refurbished Dell models on occasion
  10. Equity

    Foreign payments, what is the best system?

    Or Crypto could work.
  11. Equity

    New Tidal HiRes (Max tracks) vs Roon (@CD level)?

    the New Tidal settings from the release notes. Good article here on the changes're%20choosing%20FLAC%20as,TIDAL's%20support%20for%20open%20platforms. Max – High fidelity lossless audio up to 24-bit, 192 kHz...
  12. Equity

    Losing interest

    Rad! I am going to have to try this. Maybe with 400 / 50 songs though
  13. Equity

    Losing interest

    Yah, I think I will have to skip the upcoming one in December.
  14. Equity

    Losing interest

    Dave Matthews band is coming in December. Although he wasn't "great" the last time he was here.
  15. Equity

    Losing interest

    I am really enjoying finding New tracks through Tidal Discovery, or digging up tracks I used to listen to back in the day. It does get a little Boring listening to the same thing over and over again. I find that I need to have a little more patience when listening to new things, rather than...
  16. Equity

    NAD Limited Edition....I want one!

    They had one on Display when I was there last week, if you are referring to Audio Vision.
  17. Equity

    NAD Limited Edition....I want one!

    HI. Audio Vision in Bellville Cape town has 2 i think.
  18. Equity

    What do you wish you knew when you started this journey?

    I have just started this journey. I bought a pair of bookshelf speakers for my desk that sounded great! So I bought another set thinking they would also be great in my braai room. Boy was that a disappointment, and a waste of money.
  19. Equity

    Members' Kit pics

    Nothing Special. Just a 12V Generic LED light strip from ChinaTown, which I wired a On/Off switch into and Tacked the strip into the back of the Server. I had smart switches wired into it at one stage so I can control it with my voice or phone, but with all this load shedding they started...