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  1. Eish

    Bluesound Node 2i to external DAC Question

    Wiim mini plays Tidal FLAC 24/192 through toslink with no issues. It is possible that my purchased 192 download is an outlier. When bluesound implements Tidal FLAC we will be able to test - but I think it will work fine.
  2. Eish

    Harman(Samsung) buys Roon

    Very unexpected
  3. Eish

    Bluesound Node 2i to external DAC Question

    I am able to play 24bit via toslink on the Node 130, but for some reason I have one album that doesn't work via toslink but works via coax. All others play fine.
  4. Eish

    Wiim Products

    Hi folks - Wiim has implemented the Tidal Connect FLAC.
  5. Eish

    Cars with Dipsticks. When to check the oil Hot or Cold Engine ?

    I had a Mazda RX8 some years ago - went through oil like it was blood to a tick. That was by design - I developed a subconscious tendency to check oil level frequently. Now I have an Alfa (need I say more?) it is not supposed to be munching oil - but for whatever reason it does and it does so...
  6. Eish

    Cars with Dipsticks. When to check the oil Hot or Cold Engine ?

    🤣🤣🤣 Us audiophiles - we complicate everything, cables, interconnects, cabinets, even speaker spikes - nothing comes unscathed - imagine what happens when you give audiophiles a whole car?
  7. Eish

    Cars with Dipsticks. When to check the oil Hot or Cold Engine ?

    Submerge the last marker on the dipstick. Hot engine cold engine difference will be milliters, insignificant. I always make sure the last marker on the dipstick is submerged. 10 or 20ml should make no difference.
  8. Eish

    How horrible will this be

    Dixon frequency response for floorstanding speakers 100Hz to 20kHz B&W M1 satellite speaker by comparison - 64Hz to 23kHz This should be enough to spook you far far away from these.
  9. Eish

    Help Needed with new Tv

    Anton - I have the same issue with an Onkyo that is also able to passthrough but somehow reverts to 30Hz unless I stick the dongle directly to TV. I will try the mentioned button combination but since the TV has eARC - I just forgot about it.
  10. Eish

    How do you get the best of Apple Music on your HiFi ?

    Edit: Just checked Airplay from Windows Apple Music app - it is definitely CD Lossless. I will advise you check the file size - last I checked Airplay 2, while capable of cd-lossless - converts Apple Music to AAC256. Other streaming services like Deezer, Tidal will stream CD lossless no...
  11. Eish

    How do you get the best of Apple Music on your HiFi ?

    Eversolo - Capable of Apple Hires and bit perfect Apple music - fiddly app (I have no first experience on this) FiiO R7 - Capable of Apple Hires and bit perfect (No first hand experience) Some android phone - capable of Apple Hires but not bitperfect (First hand experience) Window app - Capable...
  12. Eish

    Wiim Products

    I still have the Wiim mini - works flawless. I also understand there are beta Wiim testers doing Tidal FLAC - wish I was on the list but no rush.
  13. Eish

    BluOS 4.0

    For those interested - this is out for Windows and Android (don't have the fancy Apple stuff). Too early but things I like: 1. Bit depth and rate display on Android (not on Windows) 2. Shuffle Play All 3. Recently played items on the home screen One issue - Windows app song progress bar has...
  14. Eish

    Any new ways to get Qobuz in SA?

    Is this not what the whole geolocation restriction is supposed to do - frustrate those who attempt to overcome it. The sad part is that at R256 a month - it's a lot to pay considering the glitches.
  15. Eish

    MQA rescued by owner of NAD and Bluesound

    It would be nice if this decision by Lenbrook is mainly SCL6. This will allow them to make a product that will receive lossless tracks regardless of restrictions by the likes of Apple. It will free them from API shackles. Shrewd indeed..
  16. Eish

    MQA rescued by owner of NAD and Bluesound

    They have already gone FLAC, I also see they now show bit depth and rate for all FLAC tracks. A lot of people though are waiting for third party apps and Tidal Connect to follow suit.
  17. Eish

    Zappiti Calls it Quits....

    Shame - the world has moved.
  18. Eish

    12 Predictions for the future of music

    AI train cannot be stopped. Regulation would be the best route. If I am a consumer - I want to know if the product was developed by AI or not. My guess is that authors will use AI and polish the whole thing and publish. I expect the same of musicians - so we can call that AI-assisted...
  19. Eish

    Streaming services loudness wars

    I missed it - I thought the article was saying the streaming service did this - somewhere there was mention of " I'm upset that mastering engineers don't push back on this...." - I quote. This made me think the track wasn't mastered like that. But I also find it annoying - if the producer...
  20. Eish

    Streaming services loudness wars

    Greetings all I found this discussion on Reddit and since most of this stuff goes right above my head - I thought some knowledgeable members here may find it interesting. I have personally found that when I play (on Tidal via the Chromecast app) a high res version of an album, it always...