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    Introducing Lumous Audio!

    Hi Everyone We are very excited to introduce a new company in the head-fi audio space: This is a collaboration between myself and two other head-fi enthusiasts and forum members, Reshen and Ruben (PillayR). Our goal is to bring the most desirable head-fi gear to South African enthusiasts at...
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    Do USB cables make a difference? Something a bit different. I thought this test approach quite interesting.
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    Looking for a recommendation : Moving Company

    Hi All As some of you know, I'm moving to CT in a few weeks. I'm looking for a moving company who would be able to transport my household goods including Hifi equipment and TVs safely (with insurance). Some of the items have boxes and some do not. Most notably, I don't have the packaging or...
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    Tubes on the go

    Thought I?d share the latest iteration of my mobile setup. Fiio m11 and little bear bx4. Not the last word in refinement but not too bad for some tubey goodness on the go.
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    Reasonably priced ICE Power Cables

    Has anyone come across a reasonably priced (< R1k) quality power cable? I'm looking to get 80% of the benefit for 20% of the money. I wouldn't be surprised if some of my existing power cables actually did originally belong to a kettle! Or is it unreasonable to expect any noticeable improvement...
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    2.5mm trrs balanced to xlr adapter

    Hi Folks. Anyone know where I can get one of these locally. Any good brand/model recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dhiveshan
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    802d2 bi-amp

    Hello all you knowledgeable folk. I?m in need of some advice. I saw the other 802 thread but didn?t want to hijack that discussion. My question is also a bit more specific. I initially ran 802d2s with a Cambridge audio 851a (125wpc). I then purchased an 840w from Simango (200wpc). I?m...
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    Acoustic Panels

    Thought I'd share : Purchased 4 acoustic panels from Keegan recently. Made a world of difference to my setup. Highly knowledgable,  reasonably priced and so pleasant to deal with.
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    Trouble connecting Marantz UD 7007 to DLNA server

    Hi Guys I'm having some difficulty connecting my bdp to my home content. The network works. I can use the YouTube function on the player - just not the local content. It sees my home pc on the network but gives an error : plb msg dms browse fail when I try connecting to it. Anyone seen this...