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  1. andredt

    Door to Door transport DBN - JHB

    Hello Friends. Need some advice purchased a car in Mount Edgecombe Durban. It needs to come up to JHB. The depot for the car trucking company is 40KM from the Current Owner in Amamzimtoti. He isnt keen for the trip older Uncle. What is my options here. Have any one used certain services...
  2. andredt

    Built in Braai Suggestions / Advice

    Good afternoon fellow braai lovers. Im starting to revamp my patio area next week and will need a new built in braai. I was hoping to get some advice / suggestions on what to look out for when purchasing one, i have done some reading up about the Flu lengths and Cowls, is there something...
  3. andredt

    Original B&W Nautilus

    Since I have been small, this has been an absolute dream of mine to listen to a pair. At the time HFX had a set and I went with my dad to pick up his new Rotel Pre, sadly I was to young to get to listen to them. This speaker sparked my interest in HIFI and ultimately led me to where I am...
  4. andredt

    Best 55'' TV for 12-13K

    Hello Family. I need help need a new TV for a friend his budget is 12-13K and is looking for 55''. Tried my best to twist his arm and stretch his budget for OLED but we not going to get there. So i would like to get some input from my fellow forumites as to what to get in that price range...
  5. andredt

    Is your audio system ready for losless Music?

    Im going to do the test tonight. Would be cool if I can get some feedback from fellow members that took the test. With the increasing number of services around who can provide you with lossless music, both streamed and downloaded, it is worth...
  6. andredt

    New Car for Wife advice needed

    Hi Guys. Need to buy the wife a new ( second hand car) Must be smallish Must be safe and reliable i want something with less that 50k kilos on the clock. preferably not something from the french stables due to parts eg cost. also not keen on something like a polo due to the hi jack risk...
  7. andredt

    Deezer on squuezebox.

    Hi Guys. So i have deezer hifi running on my duet into rotel pre. Everything works but if i look on the duet controller at the track it says mp3 320kb. Deezer hifi says you get flac? What am i doing wrong. Thanks. A
  8. andredt

    Yamaha RXA-3060 Sub in stereo ?

    Hello Guys. My Yamaha AVR doesnt want to use my Sub in stereo or straight mode when listening to music? Why not. My Marantz did in stereo mode just not in Pure Direct mode? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. andredt

    Gaming PC advice.

    Hi Gents. I want to start playing PC games again, what is a mid level pc going to cost me? I also posted a LF add in wanted section for a complete PC to see what is available. Best place to buy from? Thanks A
  10. andredt

    Sales Rep wanted JHB area Industrial Space

    Hi Guys. Im looking for a sales Rep to join my team in the Industrial and automation space. We supply components to factories for mostly automation electrical and maintenance. ( anything from a plug to a very advanced PLC system. ) we play in the Automotive food...
  11. andredt

    Sea Side property

    Hello Guys i have been googling without much luck. I want to look at investing in a beach front property some where in the ''southern cape'' hartenbos mosselbay area. Im also open to other suggestions but i dont like durban. I also dont really want to do western cape its to quite for me im...
  12. andredt

    Turn table Service and Upgrade person JHB

    Please name highly recommended people only? I have a Micro Seiki BL 51 that is now in need for a service and Cart upgrade. Whom in JHB can i take it to?
  13. andredt

    In need of a new AVR

    Hello Guys. So my trust marantz Sr7005 have served me very well for the past 6+ years, im afraid that tho new tech will force me soon to upgrade. ( im going 4k Tv Route and Sr7005 wont pass the signal) What is future proof features i need to look at? 4k Pass through Atmos Dolby audio...
  14. andredt

    Banking who and Why?

    Hello Ladies and Gents. So FNB seems to have cool new offers like getting you car licence on their app. Nice for us busy people. Im currently with Standard bank. I pay almost R400 a month for a Private banking. I dont see a hell of a lot of value in this to be honest. Is it worth the...
  15. andredt

    Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

    Hi Guys. Im quite OCD the wifes two pekineses leave hair on the porcelain tiles and it frustrates me so i need to everyday unpack the karcher vacuum to clean up the lounge. I cordless unit will make my life much easier. I have looked at the Dyson units but they quite pricey. :/ Any good...
  16. andredt

    DAC Question

    I have most music on digital format as its just easier to use. i use my LP player occasionally same for listening to CD's or BRay concerts. Stereo listening will be Marantz SR7006 AVR Rotel power amp and B&W683S2 Input will be from youtube via smart TV, most of my digital music is on my hard...
  17. andredt

    Favourite Driving Artist.

    So With holidays coming up and road trips looming what is your favourite artist when driving. You may only pick one! ( this is going to make it hard ) I think mine would be Def Leppard  crank up pour some sugar on me and let the miles role past. Usually makes ones foot a tad heavy as well :)
  18. andredt

    Beaufort West from JHB

    Morning Guys. Im going from JHB to Beaufort West in December as a first stop and then from Beaufort West to Yzerfontein. What is the best recommended route from JHB south to Beaufort West the N12 or the N1? i drive a new sedan so i would prefer decent roads. thank you :)
  19. andredt

    Who works for BMW

    Hello Guys. Some one on this forum works for BMW> Im interested in this 4 day only deal from BMW on demo models? Time for new car looking at a 3 series. Please inbox me :) Dankie
  20. andredt

    Zanzibar or Seychelles

    Morning Guys and Girl ( judy :) ) So last year i got married and bought a new house and renovated and ran out of money. For this reason i want to do something nice for my wife this year in October and narrowed it down to one of these. From the look of it Seychelles is a bit more pricey but...