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    Old Loudspeakers, no more

    1, 2: before my time 3. There was at least one sold and under discussion on this forum previously 4. Philips used this in their Motional Feedback (MFB) speakers, specifically the woofer. There is also something about the MFB speakers on this site. I've heard a pair once, and I was impressed by...
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    And now... something completely different!

    Claudio Gandolfi - MDD (Multi Delays Diffraction) Very interesting approach - and excellent impulse response loudspeaker.
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    Color inkjet vs minuteman press

    Amen to that! I love my 8600, but they crippled it in their software updates so that eventually it would "need a new printhead". So now I have to keep reminding my family to not do the software update (this is my third, so I know about the risks of updating this printer's software).
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    Please suggest a good mic for making YouTube Videos

    Have a look at lapel (lavalier) type mics. I also like and use a podium-style mic that is a bit easier to keep out of the way than the one you posted. I'm not too sure about a single mic that would be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, though. Perhaps consider having two different...
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    Color inkjet vs minuteman press

    IME home printing is much cheaper than shop printing. Paper itself is cheap. Ink is not, though. Over the lifetime of a printer the greatest cost is ink. The advent of ink tanks changes the situation significantly, as you are buying bulk ink alone at refill and not a whole cartridge, which can...
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    Using Yamaha receiver and separate Sanyo for optimum sound quality.

    You can treat your external "component subwoofer" as just an ordinary active sub. You can set your main speakers (what model do you have here?) as small and then select the crossover frequency at which the sub takes over. This is a basic HT connection (2.1), but your receiver might have more...
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    Using Yamaha receiver and separate Sanyo for optimum sound quality.

    Yes, that is right, basically. Right up that last sentence, which is a bit puzzling. By "sub out line", did you perhaps mean speaker output? Is your additional amp an ordinary stereo amp or is it another HT amp? You can use an ordinary amp to drive your sub, but another HT amp might have its own...
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    3D mouse recommedations, please

    Thanks, Bernard. I had planned on installing a new switch, but this time I used the right button from a faulty mouse. I do have a quantity of 5 switches in my RS basket for the next time I order from them. Yes, that 5th screw caught me :), but fortunately I found a good blog showing the...
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    ne5532p Op Amp upgrade

    From NE5532 Wiki - NE5532 - Wikipedia
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    ne5532p Op Amp upgrade

    If your circuit with NE5532 is correctly designed, there is not much you can do to improve it. You may indeed get sonic differences by swapping out to higher performance op amps, but not because they are better. The PCB layout and power supply, along with appropriate decoupling caps, would have...
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    B&W 803d mid driver removal

    Seems like the seal/gasket is holding the driver in place. I would push the end of the tensioning rod inward (forward), while ensuring that there are some hands to catch driver in front. You can do so by just undoing the nut ("fixation" in the vid) a few millimetres (not removing it completely)...
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    Bypass Capacitors recommendation

    The saucy bit (but there's detailed discussion in the paper):
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    Bypass Capacitors recommendation

    Here is something a bit more scientific. Google Drive doc shared by Scott Hinson. Capacitors for Passive Crossovers Or “You’re overthinking it.” By Scott Hinson
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    Edge-wound voice coils

    I suspect that the guys might have been partying with these speakers. The level controls for the mid driver appeared fallen-in. On inspection, I saw that the wirewound pot had heated up sufficiently to melt the plastic moulding such that it moved out of place and also had caused the "knob" to...