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    Stax SR009

    Congrats Drifter! They look fantastic. It was going to take something special to improve on your headphone kit and it looks like you’ve landed on the perfect choice! 👌 I clearly remember the first 2170 that I tried. What a mind bending experience! I could not comprehend how music could be made...
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    Hifiman Sundara setup

    I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with the stack as yet. Will probably use hd800s as they provide a good reference for comparing amps. The Vali 1 was the first tube headphone amp that I heard and I have fond memories of that experience. Keen to hear how they have improved it. Will let you...
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    Hifiman Sundara setup

    Great setup Hifid! The pic is brilliant! I’ve been trying to put something similar together for a while. With some help from @stephanvanzyl , I was able to complete it this week. Nice idea with the Sys. Going to have to keep an eye out for one of those.
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    Cable Lifters? Here's another option. Fairly reasonably priced by hi-fi standards.
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    The low down

    Not to further complicate an already complicated topic but I've also found differences in staging from changing  preamps and dacs.
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    Hifiman Sundara or Ananda...or?? For pairing with R2R This relates to the original versions. I bought them both when they were launched and I can confirm that this sound demo gives quite a good idea of the differences.
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    Tonga's bang.

    I think it was Tonga.
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    ZMF Headphones available at Lumous Aduio Very cool video on the ZMF culture and mindset towards their product.
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    iFi Zen Stream User Experience

    I wonder if there might be some bottle neck type element at play in the general evaluation of streamers? i.e. if the rest of the system (DAC, PRE, AMP, Speakers) needs to have headroom in its ability to reflect the benefit of an improvement in the source? That might account for some of the...
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    iFi Zen Stream User Experience

    pwatts, I tried a Lumin U1 Mini yesterday and I can second that. It was the most notable improvement in my system in a long time. I normally use an SMS200 which has been the benchmark for me for a few years now. I've watched a few videos on Youtube discussing whether or not streamers have a...
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    Ferrum HYPSOS : DC power adopter for DAC/HUB They?re based in JHB.
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    Here's your chance - voice your opinion

    I appreciate the forum for what it is. I've learnt much from the posts in the general and digital sections and I really don't think my journey thus far through the rabbit hole would have happened without the classifieds section and the advice of many members here. Given the amount of trolling...
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    Desktop Speakers

    Been through this journey myself over the past few months. I thought the B&W PM1 would have been ideal. No luck with my wanted ad - yet. I gave serious consideration to many of the options listed here. Also considered the Kef LSX and Tannoy Autograph mini. Ended up getting a Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2...
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    75ohm for digital co-ax, 50 ohm for analogue signals

    I have an astronomically priced (for a cable, in my opinion) Kimber KS2020 which I?ve found to be preferable to every cable I?ve compared it with. No doubt in my mind - there is something to this SPDIF cable business.
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    Tidal & Apple mConnect streaming puzzle

    pwatts, have you tried IFI bridge. It allows roon to ?see? any UPNP compatible streamer.