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    Wristwatch,any love?

    VERY Nice. Never understood why you would want to a watch that can go 3000m under water :D like you casually might have a breakdown 2800m below the ocean level and need to swim up and back to an island :D
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    I really cant get use to the utterly toss Disney plus interface it doesnt resume episodes where i stopped eg the layout is nowhere near netflix standard.
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    Backup power issues

    I have a serious question. Do you drive a van that looks like a dog? if so i want to be your friend and drink beers with you.!
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    Keeping Warm (Ideas)

    Thank you maybe my Aircons in the room are just old and need a service.
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    Keeping Warm (Ideas)

    Do you not find that aircons dry out the air? Or is it only in my head.
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    Apartment Heating Solutions - Non Electrical

    Owned or rented. If owned and there is not a full of shit body corporate, you can look at the pellet fed wood burning stoves, will give you a great atmosphere and really warm the place up.
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    [Steak] How do you like it?

    School them uncle!
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    [Steak] How do you like it?

    I was under the impression there is only one way you should be having a steak............
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    Looking for new 4k AVR,99656.0.html This is also a good option.
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    Looking to service a morso-style fireplace

    Please do also need someone. Thank you.
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    FLAC player for car.

    I must be honest, i cant possibly see why you would want to play a FLAC file in a car unless you have a high end after market setup.
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    Looking for new 4k AVR

    I wouldn't buy one new, i would look for a nice 1 or 2 year old Used one from a known member on the forum. IE 3 years ago i bought top spec Yamaha AVR 3060 model for 30 odd thousand 2 years later its worth half the money. it can do Everything 4K 60FPS atmos you name it.
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    Klipsch sixes video👌

    Netjiese Video! 
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    Recommendations on mini UPS to keep WiFi on

    I have learned the hard way after spending 100k on a system for my house depending on the infrastructure in the neighborhood, their might be a box or something in the street that also neeeds power. Everything in my house is powered during load shedding but internet speeds still dramatically drop :(